ALERT: Top Trump Enemy BANNED from US

Linda Sarsour worked with a friend as she organized the Women’s March against President Trump in January. It turns out that friend lied to Immigration & Customs Enforcement agents.

Rasmieh Yousef Odeh (also spelled Rasmea) has been stripped of her US citizenship and permanently banned from our country. She came to the public’s attention when she spoke against Trump at the Women’s March, as reported by The Daily Caller.

Odeh intentionally falsified her application for citizenship by stating she had never been arrested, convicted of a crime, or served jail time. Odeh openly admitted to this falsehood in a plea agreement.

It had come as a shock to the conservative world that the leftists at the Women’s March were listening to Rasmieh Odeh speak. The Blaze was among the many outlets that pointed out that Odeh had been convicted of terrorism in Israel.

Odeh was born in the Palestinian-held territories and participated in two terrorist bombings conducted in Israel. One of these bombing sites was a grocery store and resulted in the deaths of two young students.

The other bombing Odeh helped plan and execute was of a British consulate. Israel convicted her for these crimes in 1970, and she served ten years in jail there.

Linda Sarsour played on the ignorance of her followers who attended the Women’s March, by claiming Odeh had been a victim of Israeli torture while in prison in Palestine. Sarsour, an anti-Israel Palestinian activist, never mentioned why Odeh was jailed.

Later, once public attention focused on Odeh and how she became an American citizen, Sarsour attempted to defend her, and retweeted a piece published by The Huffington Post. There, activist Marc Lamont Hill argued Odeh had never helped plan or commit the terrorist strikes, but she had admitted to them under torture by Israeli agents.

The piece was entitled “Why Every Black Activist Should Stand with Rasmea Odeh.” The argument was a poor one, stating, “No one is free until everyone is free.” Essentially, Odeh’s rightful time in prison was ideologically twisted into some kind of unjust punishment, all done at the hands of Israel, which these leftists now believe shouldn’t be held against her.

Hill argued that Israel is conducting a “brutal” occupation of Palestine, so a “peaceful” Palestinian state should be supported. Many fail to see what is peaceful about committing terrorists attacks resulting in the deaths of two innocents. Odeh did commit those crimes which have nothing to do with peace.

Now this brutal terrorist, who sought to undermine our rightful president at the Women’s March, will be deported from the United States. She will no longer be able to hide from her terrorist past, take advantage of the ignorance of our youth, or work against the values this nation holds dear.

HSI Detroit special agent Steve Francis said Odeh’s case, “should serve as an unequivocal message that the US will never be a haven for those seeking to distance themselves from their past atrocities.”

The results of Odeh’s case should help open leftist eyes to exactly what kind of person Linda Sarsour is, in light of her support of this convicted terrorist.