ALERT: Top Republican Violently Assaulted, Things Are Getting Ugly

During June of this year, Majority Whip Steve Scalise and a handful of others Republicans were attacked by a gunman who favored Bernie Sanders. Again, in November, another attack has occurred and it’s forcing people to question how far others will go for their politics.

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) faced an assault at his home in Bowling Green, Ky, according to The Washington Times. The news of the assault came through Saturday but had occurred Friday afternoon. Sen. Paul’s office put out a statement citing that a suspect has been taken into custody. This is just one example of the mounting political violence that has occurred this year.

Kelsey Cooper, one of Sen. Paul’s spokespeople, came out and said: “Senator Paul was blindsided and the victim of an assault.” Cooper explained: “The assailant was arrested and it is now a matter for the police.”

Cooper confirmed that despite the attack, Sen. Paul is “fine.” At 3:21 Friday, Kentucky State Police responded to the call regarding the assault on  Sen. Paul.

The suspect, Rene Boucher, 59, was arrested thereafter, and has already been charged with 4th degree assault. That’s a Class A misdemeanor which is punishable by a year in prison. That’s according to the news release.

It’s remarkable that a politician should have to fear for their own lives, and for the safety of their families while in the supposed comfort of their own homes. This goes to show that the Left are purely diabolical in nature, and will stop at nothing to make sure the country is completely devoid of Republican influence.

The nature of Paul’s injuries are not yet completely known to the media or reporters, though consensus tells us that he was not transported to the hospital. We expect to hear more news about Paul’s injuries, as well as the motivations of the suspect, in due time, though officials aren’t sharing too much information as of yet. We have to rely on court records and precedent in order to suss out a likely course of action from here.

Jail records from Warren County Regional Jail show that another individual is currently in police custody with a similar name — Rene Alan Bousher. Bousher was being held in exchange for a $5,000 bond as of late Saturday, according to the jail. The next court date for Bousher, where we will learn more information, is set for November 9th.

The FBI are allegedly still mum on whether or not they will officially classify this as an act of politically-motivated terror, though, we know the truth.

The investigative organization has, however, confirmed that the suspect and Senator Rand Paul were acquaintances of one another.

Paul has served as Kentucky’s senator for six years, and unsuccessfully sought the presidential nomination shortly after taking office. He is also well-known for being Ron Paul’s son.

This harrowing attack proves that the Left will do anything in their power, including using violence, to push their political agenda down all of our throats. Outdoor events, speaking obligations, and now, in their living rooms — Republican lawmakers are not safe.