WATCH: Top Republican Issues Shock Comey Warning, People Need To See This

The quest for truth is still underway to reveal the origins of the infamous anti-Trump dossier. Several unrelenting Congressmen have pressured Attorney General Jeff Sessions to look into the issue. While Justice Department inaction continues, however, they refuse to stay silent.

In an interview with Fox News’ Judge Jeanine Pirro, Representative Jim Jordan (R-OH) discussed the dossier scandal, issuing a startling allegation against former FBI Director, James Comey. “The FBI Director took the time to have a special meeting with the President-elect to brief him on the dossier, and suddenly it gets leaked real quick after that meeting … Someone leaked it and now it has respectability.”

Rep. Jordan seems to believe that Comey could have been the one responsible for leaking the dossier. It’s a possibility considering the timeline.

In June 2016, opposition research firm Fusion GPS hired former British spy, Christopher Steele to investigate Donald Trump’s alleged ties to Russia. Steele reportedly paid Russian operatives for information used to compile the dossier, along with a slew of anonymous sources. The contents included demonstrably false claims and inaccuracies, along with completely unverifiable salacious allegations.

In July 2016, Steele passed the dossier to an FBI contact, and the document made its way to counterintelligence chief, Peter Strzock. Steele also briefed media sources, who began questioning individuals, including Republican strategist Rick Wilson and Trump campaign adviser, Carter Page.

The FBI then opened an investigation into possible collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign, eventually citing the dossier to obtain a surveillance warrant against Page and other members of the Trump campaign.

FBI officials reportedly offered in October 2016 to pay Steele to continue his “research.” Soon after Steele’s contract ended with Fusion GPS, Steele’s associate, Andrew Wood, reportedly shared a copy of the dossier to an assistant of Senator John McCain (R-AZ). Sen. McCain then provided it to then-FBI Director, James Comey in December. It wasn’t until January 6 that Comey joined intelligence officials to brief the President-elect.

“Think about what Comey did on January 6th, 2017, when they went to the Trump Tower and met with President-elect Trump, briefed him on the intelligence situation, and then everyone leaves the room. And Mr. Comey talks to him about the dossier,” Rep. Jordan told Ms. Pirro. “That gave the dossier legitimacy as well. Remember, all the press had this document. No one would print it because this is National Enquirer baloney. No one would print it.”

Although at least five mainstream media sources were briefed on the dossier by Steele himself at least six months prior, the media only capitalized on the Russia-Trump collusion conspiracy when the details of Comey’s meeting with President-elect Trump was leaked on January 10, 2017.

Four days after their meeting, CNN reported the names of the officials who met with President-elect Trump for the briefing, including details, and the claim that Russian operatives held “compromising personal and financial information about Mr. Trump.” Just an hour after CNN’s report, BuzzFeed published the entire 35-page dossier.

Although no solid proof has emerged thus far, it is concerning that the briefing of the dossier — and the entire document — were completely revealed to the media just days after Comey met with Mr. Trump. The media showed no legitimate concern for the dossier or its allegations in the six months prior to the briefing. What changed their directive?

If Comey was, in fact, responsible for leaking the dossier briefing, the media’s changed attitude and reaction toward the dossier make perfect sense. It also indicates further serious misdeeds executed by Comey, for which he must be held accountable.