ALERT: Top GOP Survives Assassination Plot, This Is Horrifying

It is difficult for politicians in America to go their entire career without facing some kind of assassination threat. Every president, many governors and members of Congress, all have to deal with crazy assassination threats. 2017 is no different.

46-year-old Julia Poff of Sealy, Texas was recently arrested for threatening to assassinate former-President Barack Obama and Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R).

Poff is currently facing a six-count indictment.

According to the charges, Poff mailed letter bombs to Obama, Abbott, and Commissioner of the Social Security Administration Carolyn Colvin. These letters were sent on October 12, 2016.

Apparently, Poff was upset at Abbott for receiving financial support from her ex-husband. The package for Colvin was mailed because Poff believed that Colvin was responsible for her failure to receive Social Security benefits.

Abbott actually received Poff’s package, but failed to open the package “properly.” If Abbott had opened the parcel “properly,” it could have resulted in severe burns and other injuries. The package intended for President Obama was intercepted by Secret Service.

According to reports, investigators managed to link Poff to the explosives after forensic analysis showed that the cat hairs found inside of the letters matched the two cats owned by Poff.

So far, Poff has been charged with Injurious Articles as Nonmailable, and Transportation of Explosives with the Intent to Kill and Injure for her crimes against the government officials. Poff has also been charged with food stamp fraud and False Declaration of Bankruptcy. If convicted, Poff could face decades behind bars in the state of Texas.

Reports so far seem to indicate that Poff is a mentally unstable woman. At one point, Poff tried to find out who was going to be on her jury. The point therein would be to try and influence the ruling even before the trial.

The Daily Wire has also reported that Poff was fired from her job at a law firm after she was caught stealing from her employer. It is likely that Poff’s termination was what lead to her decision to file for Social Security benefits.

Poff’s decisions do have a historical precedent. Back in 2013, an Elvis impersonator and karate instructor named Kevin Curtis was caught trying to assassinate Barack Obama in what can only be described as a bizarre murder plot. Curtis tried to mail ricin, a deadly toxin, to the White House. His plan was foiled and his packages intercepted.

A more infamous case of weaponized mail occurred back in 2001, when an unknown individual mailed anthrax to several politicians and federal figures. When Bruce Irvins, a senior biodefense researcher at the US Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases, committed suicide, many suggested that he might have been the anthrax mailer. Irvins has not yet been named as an official suspect.

Poff’s trial will likely start in 2018. Even while Poff’s trial is ongoing, there will be other deranged individuals who try the same acts — or worse. Unfortunately, there will never be an end to people who think violent plots against politicians is a way to deal with their grievances.