TERRIFYING: Top Democrat Issues Sick Order To Radicals

The evolution of the radical Left has become something of a parody at this point. The things that they do and say would make a normal, free-thinking individual do a double take. However, if you are willing to be radicalized by disinformation, the Democrats are the perfect fit.

Popular Democrat radical and co-organizer of the Women’s March, Linda Sarsour, recently spoke in New York. During her speech, she told everyone how marginalized minorities are, before going into her most disturbing rant of the year. According to Free Beacon, Sarsour encouraged everyone there to be ready to “put their lives on the line” for the movement.

Sarsour, as you can imagine, was attending a social justice rally on Sunday when she made the statements. This is just one out of many troubling speeches she has given around the country.

She was recently under fire for saying that “fascists,” “white supremacists,” and “Islamophobes” are “reigning in the White House.” As a result, Sarsour claimed that communities need to stand up to the president, and it should be seen as “a form of jihad.”

Back in New York City, Sarsour seems to want to make true on her previous statements, claiming, “I am willing to die for black people, for indigenous people. I am willing to die for Muslim people; I am willing to die for the most marginalized people in this country. I am not afraid. The question is, are you ready to do that?”

Sarsour then kicked it up a notch by calling for anti-Israel indoctrination by and for the Jewish people. She explains that it is not “her job” to educate Jewish people on the matter that people from Palestine deserve their respect.

Someone needs to ask her what exactly her job is, anyway. The keen observer could easily come to to the conclusion that her job is that of a professional victim who spews toxic rhetoric — and they wouldn’t be wrong.

The fact that she portrays herself as a powerful Muslim woman is, in and of itself, an oxymoron. Not because of any Western ideologies, but due to the ideologies that she claims.

If Linda Sarsour went to densely populated Muslim countries and tried these same antics, they would literally murder her. The only thing that makes her powerful is her freedom of speech, which was granted by those “racist, fascist,  and white supremacist” founders. The irony is breathtaking.

Women’s March leader Linda Sarsour encouraged everyone to be ready to “put their lives on the line” for the movement. Does the Left shove their ideology down people’s throats?

The best part of the speech is when she continued on to say, “If your approach is to shove your issue down our throats and center you then this not the movement for you. If your approach is to tell me that you have conditions to your participation, we don’t want you in the movement.”

Yes, Sarsour is preaching about how people who shove issues down people’s throats need to join a different movement. Is that because the job of filling everyone’s head with lies via shoveling it down their throat is currently taken?

How much further does Sarsour have to go before her followers go through and harm someone? The real question is, who is going to take responsibility if and when that day comes? Something tells us when Sarsour does incite actual violence she will be nowhere to be found following the event.