BREAKING: Top Democrat Issues Sick “Anthem” Message – He Should Resign

The controversy around the national anthem started last football season when former 49ers quarterback, Colin Kaepernick, decided to kneel during the anthem. For a while there, everyone forgot about his actions, but talk of protests came back again.

Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.) is the latest person to come out and give his opinion about the NFL protests. He went on to praise the players for kneeling for racial injustice. According to The HillLewis explained, “I would kneel with the players. A young John Lewis would kneel.”

The representative explained his position during an interview with Joy Reid on MSNBC Saturday. It is no surprise that a Democrat would side with the protesters, but Lewis’ past is especially interesting.

As it would turn out, Lewis is seen as a civil rights icon. He worked with Martin Luther King Jr. during the time of the Civil Rights Movement.

If you take that into account, it is even more confusing as to why he would offer to kneel with these NFL players. Lewis has seen real racism and has fought for equal rights for all, which was obtained.

There is no one that has an advantage over anybody else due to the color of their skin. That battle is over, but somehow, Lewis thinks these people who make millions of dollars have better insight into the world of injustice than the average American.

“Some of these people would have said back in the sixties ‘don’t go on the freedom rides, don’t participate in a sitting at the lunch counter, don’t march on Washington, don’t march from Selma to Montgomery.’ You have a right to march. It’s protected and shielded by the flag,” Lewis stated.

The difference here is that those issues were real racial problems that required action. We are no longer living in a time of racial oppression, but that fact seems to go right past Lewis’ head.

Lewis, and many other Democrats, started speaking out for the protesters after President Trump stated at an Alabama rally that NFL protesters need to be fired. Somehow, people are taking this as a racist statement — even though that is the opposite of what the president was getting at.

Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.) praises the NFL players for kneeling for racial injustice. Is it ethical for a politician who profits from his service to protest his country?

The president was trying to prove that we should all be united under the flag during the national anthem. He wants nothing more than to see us all stand together, not kneel divided.

During Week 3 of the NFL season, over 200 players and coaches kneeled because they disagreed with the president’s statement, or viewed it as racist. Instead of the knee-jerk reaction to call the president a racist, why didn’t they listen to what he was trying to say?

The simple answer is this — the Left don’t want to hear the truth. In response to the mass protests, NFL viewership is on a downward slope, ticket prices are down, and NFL team owners throughout the league are experiencing the wonders of the free market. Since Week 3, maybe more players have chosen not to kneel either through their own incentive or urging of the coaches, who don’t want to see the teams fail.