ALERT: Top Dem Official Issues Stunning Confession, Trump Was Right

Since November 2016, the American people have learned a lot about the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton. None of it has been good.

Now, according to The Washington Examinerformer DNC operator Donna Brazile admits that the conservative “conspiracy theory” about Mrs. Clinton’s health is true. 

Clinton’s questionable health convinced Brazile that Joe Biden should have been tapped in order to leads the Democrats.

This is just one in a list of shocking charges that Brazile has lobbed at her former employers. Brazile claims that pro-Clinton diehards took control of the DNC in 2015, and did everything in their power to keep Vermont socialist Bernie Sanders from gaining the party’s nomination in 2016.

Brazile also claims that the Clintonites bankrupted the DNC, and pursued a moronic campaign that overemphasized big data, software analytics, and other high-tech gizmos — rather than hard-nosed politicking.

Brazile’s allegations ring familiar to those who have read the book Shattered, which contains the bombshell allegation that former Clinton campaign manager John Podesta more or less cooked up the Russian interference story as a way to save face for the historic electoral defeat.

Brazile has also admitted that the DNC’s deep connections with the mainstream media helped Clinton to get glowing coverage by CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, and others. Ironically, Brazile’s first fall from grace came when she was caught prepping Clinton with debate questions prior to her first showdown with Donald Trump.

Brazile’s recollection of her DNC years should be eye-opening for any American who is still not yet convinced that Clinton and the mainstream media are irredeemably corrupt. At the very least, the media knew that Clinton had terrible health, and yet they tried to push it all under the rug for the sake of politics.

During the 2016 election, Hillary’s friend and “guru” Neera Tanden worried that attacks on Senator Sanders’ age and health would draw unwanted attention to Clinton’s health problems. That is what ultimately happened, and the alternative media ran far and wide with the reports about her abnormal heart beat, her problem with chronic low blood pressure, and her history of falling.

On September 11, 2016, a private citizen filmed a clearly disabled Clinton being carried into a van after claiming to have suffered from dehydration. The mainstream media only covered the story after the cellphone video made the rounds on YouTube and other sharing sites.

At the time, Clinton’s team claimed that Hillary’s woes came from pneumonia. However, if that were true, than putting Clinton back out into the New York City streets was nothing short of a health risk for everyone around her.

Brazile’s words confirm what conservative bloggers have suspected for a long time — that there is a code of silence in the media when it comes to some of the more troubling aspects of Hillary Clinton’s personal life. While mainstream journalists feel free to pick apart Donald Trump’s words and even rumors about his sex life, Clinton is considered off-limits.

The problem with such a code of silence was recently shown by the eruption of sexual abuse allegations following the unmasking of producer Harvey Weinstein. Like Clinton, Weinstein once enjoyed the status of being untouchable.

What other secrets are out there?