ALERT: Top Dem Makes Major Impeachment Announcement, This Is Huge

Democrats seem to employ a hive-like mentality. Very few members of the party demonstrate they are individuals capable of rational thought without double-standards.

Democratic National Committee chair Tom Perez has a different view than most people on the Left. Perez spoke out on ABC‘s “This Week” about the current goals of the DNC. He shocked everyone when he said that stopping corruption in Washington, DC is a priority– and he isn’t talking about impeachment. In fact, according to  The Washington Examiner, he went as far as to say that impeachment isn’t even a focus of the DNC right now. 

Perez explained that billionaire environmentalist Tom Steyer has no restrictions when it comes to spending money that belongs to him. While Steyer may be a big-money contributor to the DNC, because he is a private citizen, he is free to spend his money in any political manner he chooses.

“Tom Steyer has the right to do whatever he wants to do. He invested a lot of money in Virginia. I applaud his efforts in investing in organizing and helping to elect Democrats,” Perez said

Perez then explained his thoughts about the current state of affairs in Washington. DC. Decrying corruption in the political realm, Perez’s comments serve as a sign that there is indeed more going on in the political world than the media would have the average American believe.

“A number of people are very, myself included, are very, very concerned about the culture of corruption that has engulfed Washington, DC. I’m not talking about impeachment. I’m talking about good jobs for folks. I’m talking about health care for all. I’m talking about making sure that we’re fighting for the issues that matter,” Perez explained.

Steyer’s commercial has been aired on the cable and television spectrum calling for the impeachment of President Trump. During the commercial, he lays out “reasons” why the President should be impeached. But he fails to present a single piece of evidence proving his points.

Despite efforts by progressives and the fringe on the Left to affect the impeachment of President Trump, many seem to be backing down. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) — a vocal critic of the President — was shooting down questions about whether the Left would waste political capital to impeach President Trump if and when they regain control of the House.

Steyer’s ad is not popular, regardless of who is watching it. Americans are waking up to realize that many of the reasons Steyer gave in the ad were baseless. This is particularly true regarding the false-narrative claim that then-candidate Trump colluded with the Russians to manipulate the outcome of the 2016 election, especially while the Clinton Foundation and the DNC have much more in common with the Russians in that arena.

Cable networks, such as Fox News, pulled the ad. An increasing number of viewers reported the ad until there was an overwhelming number of people taking issue with it — many considering it a factless hit piece.

DNC leader Tom Perez says the DNC is not focused on impeachment. Do you believe him?

Perez focused his answers on the important issues. “I’ve been fighting for access to good jobs, health care,” Perez said. “The culture of corruption around Washington, DC is very real, not just the Russians.”

Could it be that many on the Left have accepted the truth about the 2016 election? Perhaps they are starting to realize that former-President Obama bankrupted their party, let Hillary Clinton take over the DNC, rigged the election in her favor, and still lost — as some evidence would suggest. Maybe rank-and-file Democrats are finished with their leadership’s corrupt ways.