ALERT: Top Dem Issues Shock Impeachment Warning, It’s Getting Nasty

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA), is perhaps one of the more outspoken detractors of President Trump and is no doubt anxious to see the result of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation.

According to a recent tweet posted by Rep. Waters, she firmly believes Special Counsel Mueller will find President Trump guilty of colluding with Russia. She said, “Trump may have his foot on the necks of every Rep in this House. But he will not stop the justice Mueller will bring #Getreadyforimpeachment.”

Ever since President Trump took office, Rep. Waters has been on a politically disingenuous mission to see him removed from the White House. According to The Hill, she gave an anti-Trump speech during a Women’s Convention in Detroit last month leading chants of “Impeach 45.”

At the convention, she said, “This is a man with no good values, no good intentions, and no good respect. We cannot afford to be shut down or shut up by any man, particularly not one as indecent and deplorable as Donald Trump.”

It turns out that hijacking a Women’s Convention to turn it into a soapbox for her political agenda isn’t the worst thing she’s ever done. According to Fox News, she turned a eulogy for comedian Dick Gregory into a call for President Trump’s impeachment.

While reminiscing about Mr. Gregory, Rep. Waters suddenly shifted the speech to criticize and berate President Trump. At one point she said, “We’re going to sanitize the White House. We’re not going to take what is happening in this country. Haven’t you taken enough?”

Rep. Waters then stated that “when I get through with Donald Trump, he’s going to wish he had been impeached.”

What’s disturbing about Rep. Waters rise to become the poster child of the Trump resistance movement is that she is widely considered one of the “most corrupt” elected officials in Congress by the Citizens for Responsibility & Ethics in Washington, according to The Daily Beast.

She achieved the infamous title of “most corrupt” in 2011 after her efforts to use her office to bail out a bank that had financial ties to her family. Though investigators would clear her of all wrongdoing, her grandson, who was Rep. Waters’ Chief of Staff at the time, took the hit.

Yet her dark past and corrupt nature have all but been ignored by anti-Trump politicians and media operatives, and the far-left base that hates all-things-Trump — people who see Rep. Waters as a champion for their movement.

Even co-founder of Campaign Zero, Brittany Packnett, said while speaking to reporters, that Rep. Waters was a beacon of truth: “We needed someone right now to shine the light of truth in a way that wakes us all up. Congresswoman Waters is that light. She’s shaking it up and telling the truth, and we all owe her for it. She’s the Auntie Boss: As real as your Auntie and as powerful as only a black woman could be.”

Chairman of the National Legal & Policy Center, Ken Boehm, said he’s intrigued by Rep. Waters sudden rise to the “ethical high road” shortly after her “most corrupt” title. He told reporters: “When ethics groups of all political leanings agree that a particular member of Congress does not have the minimal ethics needed for the position, it is strange that that member parades as an advocate of ethics. That describes the current odd posturing of Maxine Waters.”

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA), claims President Trump will be impeached. Will Rep. Waters be able to make good on her promise?

In any case, Rep. Waters has a lot riding on the results of Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation given her continued assurances that President Trump is guilty of collusion. If the investigation reveals the likely result–that President Trump did not work with the Russians in anyway–it’ll be interesting to see what Rep. Waters reaction will be.

For now, she’ll remain a champion of the anti-Trump resistance movement and her rants will likely find their way into other inappropriate situations, including being trumpeted in the left-leaning mainstream media.