TREASON: Top Dem Caught Colluding With Russian Spy. What Should Happen?

Trump has come under fire over the past few months for a suspected Russia “connection” with his campaign that helped him win the election — even though this has been proven to be a total crock.

However, there seems to be real evidence that some Democrats have lied about their involvement with Russian officials. Democrat Senator Claire McCaskill of Missouri has been caught blatantly deceiving the world about her interactions with top Russian officials here in the U.S. (via The Washington Free Beacon)

McCaskill has been exposed as using her personal foundation to pay for a dinner that she attended with the Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislvak in Washington.

She had originally claimed that she had never, ever had any communication with the Russian ambassador, yet despite this, people have found two tweets in which she publicly announced her intention to meet and speak with the ambassador.

Essentially, she was caught in a flat-out lie.

She had even gone to a black-tie reception at the ambassador’s residence all the way back in November 2015, where she was photographed at the event with former Representative James Symington (D-MO), who she used to work for as an intern.

Records show that McCaskill paid $873 to the American-Russian Cooperation Foundation. Although she did not pay through her personal account, she paid through a joint foundation she had set up with her husband back in 2013, The Shepard Family Foundation. The biggest issue is that she completely forgot to disclose this in her filings to the Senate Ethics Committee until only recently.

In response to this revelation, a McCaskill spokesperson tried to cover for this slip-up by suggesting that they had no intention of trying to hide the payment. He stated, “Senator McCaskill and her family support a variety of causes through the Shepard Family Foundation, including this donation at a non-profit event honoring a beloved Missouri Congressman.”

Yet the spokesperson fails to recognize that the issue Americans are having is that she conveniently forgot to mention it.

In response to her Twitter posts, which contradict her claim she never spoke with the ambassador, she claims the 140-character limit on Twitter limited her from clarifying that she meant she never met “one-on-one” with the Russian ambassador, and further noted she didn’t speak with Kislyak at the event.

This is ironic, since McCaskill was one of many to go along with the Democratic party’s attack over the alleged Trump-Russia connection, yet she herself has been exposed for her blatant (and rather incompetent) deception about her connection with major Russian figures.

It would be fitting — just as the Democrats insist that every interaction with the Russians justify a special prosecutor against Trump’s administration — if McCaskill got the same treatment in return. We won’t hold our breath for this to happen.

Thankfully, that seems hardly necessary, as prospects of her getting re-elected are thankfully quite low. She is standing for reelection in a state that Donald Trump won by 18 points last November, making her one of the most vulnerable Democrat senators this coming election cycle.