ALERT: Top Dem Caught Colluding With Russia

The media has urged time and time again that President Trump was colluding with Russia during the 2016 election. As it turns out, they had no evidence whatsoever for their claim. But what about the Democrats — who are they working with?

According to Breitbart, Governor Jerry Brown (D-CA) is planning on flying to Vladivostok Sunday to attend a Russian sponsored event led by Russian President Vladimir Putin. Brown will be attending an economic cooperation conference. His plan is to promote a decarbonizing investment plan.

As of right now, hydrocarbons are 70 percent of Russia’s exports. This export also counts for 50 percent of the country’s revenue. Brown is going to represent the United States as a promoter of “sustainable investments” that will “decarbonize the planet.”

It is unknown whether or not Brown will meet privately with Putin when the meeting commences on September 6th, but knowing the standards that the Left seems to have when it comes to morals and ethics, it is hard to say.

President Trump has been under fire from the Russian government for imposing sanctions on them in late July. It was a bipartisan decision because of the human rights violations going on in Russia.

Another reason for the sanctions is the annexation of Crimea and Russia’s aggressive behavior toward eastern Ukraine. This has been a mounting issue for years, in fact, since former President Barack Obama was in office.

Brown’s trip was announced mere days before the conference. This fact is leading people to believe that maybe President Trump and his administration were unaware of Brown going to Russia to speak on climate change.

The fact that Brown is traveling overseas is nothing new, but it is suspicious that he would go to a conference in Russia where Vladimir Putin is overseeing and the head speaker.

Most recently, Brown has traveled to Paris, Bejing, Quebec, and many others. All of his trips, including the one to Russia, is paid for by the California State Protocol Fund. Strangely, they also funded a $100,000 grant from the Rockefeller Brothers Foundation.

After Brown spoke about his trip to Russia, the topic of money came up, and it made many people uneasy. He has a plan for spending $1.5 billion from the extended cap-and-trade legislation. Brown’s goal is to use $607.5 million for vehicles that are “clean” for the environment.

That money could easily be used for the state in a much better way. California is deeply in debt, and using over $600 million for “clean” cars just seems to be a waste of resources, time, and energy. After he is done getting cleaner cars, Brown wants to use another $350 million to “improve air quality in disadvantaged communities.” Again, that money could probably be used for something better.

Brown’s meeting in Russia seems to be part of a trend. It is unknown if the money he wants for these projects is tied to the meeting, but the timing sure seems strange. As this story unfolds, the truth will be revealed about Brown and his meeting on “climate change” in Russia.