BREAKING: Top Democrat Admits Trump Was Right About Voter Fraud

Voter fraud is something that has been occurring in the country for many years. The Left has denied this issue despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. Now one Democrat has finally slipped up and admitted the truth.

The Broward County Elections Supervisor, Brenda Snipes, was forced into a position where she had to admit the truth. According to South Florida Sun-Sentinel, Snipes openly acknowledged that there is election fraud going on in her home state. She admitted that not only felons have voted, but illegal immigrants have also voted. Snipes had to defend her office against a lawsuit that was filed against the organization by the American Civil Rights Union. 

The lawsuit was brought forward because the American Civil Right Union, which is a Conservative based legal group, stated that there are more people on the rolls than there are actual voters in the county. This is a problem that no one–not even Snipes–addressed at first.

Snipes’ blamed the inflated voter rolls on waiting periods required to remove ineligible voters. Apparently, ineligible voters can only be removed from voting rolls every two years during a general election. This process paves way for ineligible voters. “Some of them are not eligible to vote and they slip through,” Snipes said.

After Snipes was put under fire, she admitted that there was an issue in her county, although she eventually backtracked on her statement when she realized that her opinion contradicted that of the Democrats.

Instead of admitting the truth and just taking political parties out of it, she persisted that she did not state this is a problem. Snipes and Broward County attorney, Bernadette Norris-Weeks said that Snipes statement was “blown out of proportion.”

This is not the first time a Democrat retracted their words up because they didn’t want to be seen as an “enemy” by their party. Some of Snipes’ ties may have also forced her to back up her claim.

Unbelievably, Snipes has close ties to Hillary Clinton. Surely, she wouldn’t want to throw the former presidential candidate under the bus, so to speak.

There was already an issue where the mail-in ballots were missing important proposals, such as Amendment 2, which was voted on to determine if medical marijuana should be legalized. One can’t help but wonder if this was deliberate.

The plot thickens when considering a statement from Roger Stone. Stone is an avid Trump supporter, but he mentioned something about a meeting that had everyone looking on in confusion.

“Yesterday Hillary Clinton shows up in Broward County — slips into a private meeting with the woman who runs the board of elections,” Stone stated. The woman, of course, is none other than Snipes.

Honest Americans have been concerned with the rampant voter fraud that is seen in many critical locations throughout the country, even as Democrats say it doesn’t exist. Does Brenda Snipes’ admission call out Democrats on voter fraud?

This could very well be a major instance of voter fraud and corruption unlike anything seen before. The only state having issues this serious is California, another dominantly Democrat state. There have been no claims of serious voter fraud going on in any Republican states, which does not seem coincidental.

There is more than meets the eye here with Snipes. Despite admitting that there is a problem with voter fraud, she seems to be hiding something much darker. As this lawsuit pushes forward, there is a chance that her entire scheme could come unraveled at the seams.