BREAKING: TN Terrorist Left This Chilling Message Moments Before Shooting Spree

A 25-year-old Sudanese immigrant named Emanual Kidega Samson committed a horrific act of terrorism in a Tennessee Church on Sunday. This is just one of many instances of Islamofascist terror that has occurred around the world this year alone.

Samson approached the Nashville-area church wearing a mask and fatally shot one woman in the parking lot, then entered the church and shot seven more. The Gateway Pundit revealed that he has a disturbing past history on the Internet. He shared a video of a Muslim activist named Yasmeen Abdel-Magied, who was defending Sharia law. His comment on the shared post reads, “You can’t converse with some people, that’s the unfortunate truth. Folks will accept what you have to say when they want/ready to.” The irony here is breathtaking.

According to court documents, Samson revealed that he went to the church at 10:55 a.m. with the intent to fire on the church building. His vehicle was still running when he went inside the Burnette Chapel Church of Christ.

The Tennessean reports that he went in firing at random church-goers and ended up injuring seven people. One woman, 39-year-old Melanie Smith, was found deceased in the parking lot. His wrath was stopped only by his own accidental gunfire toward himself, and being held at gunpoint by a brave gun-owning usher.

As of right now, Samson is in Metro jail without bond. The charges against him include criminal homicide for the horrific acts he committed.

His court date is scheduled Wednesday where he will be forced to face what he did. While it states that there is no known motive, that does not change the fact that this was a clear act of terrorism against innocent church-goers.

There was a total of 42 people attending services that morning. The shots rang out right after the service ended. Many people ran and ducked underneath the pews, and some even pretended to be dead to avoid a confrontation with the gunman.

Samson is a legal US citizen, but he is not a native resident. He ended up moving to the United States during the 1990s. The circumstances behind his decision to come to the United States is unknown at this time.

The people who spotted Samson did not recognize him due to the mask. However, once his identity was uncovered, some said that he used to attend the church.

Samson posted plenty of other disturbing bits to his social media accounts leading up to the attack. At one point, he shared a post from the co-founder of Vox that was titled “White Terrorism.”  The post reads, “You’re more likely to be killed by a white man than a Muslim terrorist.”

Ironically, he added to the number of people who were shot by a Muslim man committing terrorism. It doesn’t appear that he thought enough about his behavior to note the irony in his acts and social media rhetoric.

When sentencing commences, and stay tuned for reports on what his punishment will be for this horrific attack on elderly church-goers. Crimes such as these ones are awful and need to be stopped at any cost.