BREAKING: TN Church Terrorist Left Behind Shocking Message, It’s Horrifying

New information has surfaced about the possible motive for the shooting that occurred in a Tennessee church last weekend.

Emanuel Kidega Samson — an immigrant from Sudan — is suspected to have carried out the shooting as revenge for Dylann Roof’s murder of black churchgoers in Charleston, South Carolina. According to the Daily Caller, the suspect left a note in his vehicle indicating his reasons for the shooting, which claimed the life of a church member at Burnett Chapel Church.

According to law enforcement, Samson entered the church wearing a mask, and started shooting. Six churchgoers were wounded, and one was killed. The shooter was stopped by an armed member of the church who held him at gunpoint until the police arrived on the scene.

Officials with knowledge of the investigation told the Associated Press that the police found a note in Samson’s car that suggested Samson carried out the shooting as revenge for the incident in Charleston where nine members of a historically black church were murdered by Dylann Roof — a white supremacist. Roof was convicted of the crime, and has been sentenced to death.

According to The Washington Post, the Justice Department’s civil rights division and the Federal Bureau of Investigation have started a hate-crimes probe into the Tennessee shooting. Investigators are working to determine whether or not Samson may have a mental illness that contributed to his decision to commit murder. Further details about the suspect’s note have not yet been released to the public.

Samson immigrated to the United States with his parents from Sudan. Members of the church have stated that he attended services there in the past. On his Facebook page, Samson has several references to the Bible and Christianity.

In the months leading up to the shooting, Samson ran into trouble with the law. He had the police called on him several times for domestic disputes. It is not clear whether or not he had been arrested in relation to these incidents. His father had also called the authorities when the suspect threatened to commit suicide.

While more facts are needed to truly understand this incident and Samson’s motives, it seems likely that this was another racially-motivated shooting. It is an indicator of the increasingly tense race relations in this country.

Unfortunately, there is a growing distrust and animosity between whites and minorities. The incident in Charlottesville where a woman was killed at a white supremacist rally provides a dire example of what can happen when racial tensions are exacerbated.

TN church shooting was revenge for Dylann Roof’s murder of black churchgoers in Charleston, SC. Does the rhetoric of the Left fuel racial violence?

There could be several reasons why racial tensions have risen to this point — but it is important that as Americans, we work to identify the issues that are causing this level of animosity. One of the prime contributors to racial tension is the victimhood narrative being propagated by the left. For decades, they have worked hard to label any white person who holds views that do not align with their opinions as bigots. Additionally, they have told minorities that they are victims who cannot succeed in American society because of white supremacy.

The rhetoric has only become worse over the past year. On college campuses, the students are taught to obsess over the ideas of intersectionality and white privilege. They are not taught to see themselves and others as individuals; indeed, they are being indoctrinated into an ideology that focuses on identity politics.

If we are going to move forward and mend the racial issues we have, Americans must be willing to have honest conversations about racism and other forms of bigotry. We have to do this without resorting to name calling and smear tactics. Unfortunately, it seems that we are a long way from this happening and incidents involving racially-motivated violence only make the problem worse.