ALERT: Tillerson & Mattis Just Teamed Up To Kill An Obama “Pet Project”

Conservatives around the nation are sure to feel vindicated as the Trump administration has been reshuffling top staff and dismissing some of Obama’s favorite “pet projects”.

Laurel Miller, the State Department’s top official for the Afghanistan and Pakistan region, was confirmed by the State Department to have had her last day on Friday. Miller’s position was specially created by President Obama in 2009, but was seen as a redundant and unnecessary waste since the Bureau of South and Central Asian Affairs already existed. (via The Washington Examiner)

In other words, this was a wasteful and likely politically motivated appointment — one much to be expected from the former president.

The firing of Laurel Miller comes at the same time Secretary of Defense James Mattis was directed to review the policy in this geopolitical area with the aim to stop the growth of ISIS, the Taliban, and other Muslim extremist groups. According to the The Wall Street Journal, Mattis was even considering deploying 4,000 troops into the area.

That begs the question: isn’t this something that our government should have been doing from the get go? Why were we not taking active measure to hinder ISIS and other terror groups? Of course, Obama has never even mentioned the words “Islamic terror,” and during his entire tenure as president, he seemed to exhibit an almost unusual reticence in approaching the topic.

Obama, in his speech at the United Nations given on September 25, 2012, stated: “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.” (via FOX News)

It’s possible to interpret Obama’s comment here more than one way, but many have taken it to mean that anyone who calls into question certain aspects of Islamic theology doesn’t belong in the debate. The end result: No debate at all. We should all be able to live peaceably with one another while — at the same time — encouraging meaningful conversation about the future. Obama did not seem to appreciate this nuance.

Overall, though, we have apparently turned a corner. The firing of Laurel Miller indicates the return to a common sense policy where terrorists around the world will will be actively combated, and the many Christians being persecuted and slaughtered in the Middle East will be protected.

As well as a war against the growth of these militant ideologies, Trump’s administration has shown its commitment to warring against government wastefulness. Trump’s budget calls for a 32% reduction in department funding — he is following through on his promises.

Under the previous administration, the U.S. government was suffering a deficit of approximately one trillion dollars per year, and shackling us into more debt than all of our other presidents combined. This is in stark contrast with the new administration.

What we’re seeing is a change in this area. Formerly, individuals would be awarded department positions or ambassadorships through backroom dealing, connections with politicians, and as political favors. Recall the previous United State Ambassador to Japan Caroline Kennedy, who wasn’t given her position based on her qualifications but more as a recognition of her campaign work for Obama.

In contrast, the new ambassador is a Tennessee businessman who was given the position based on his qualifications and commercial foresight, not any political favors.

I hope and pray that we are going to see more of this kind of decision-making in the future.