BOYCOTT: “The View” Has a Sickening Message For Pro-Life Christians

If you have ever watched “The View” on ABC, you have heard the strong, very liberal opinions of the co-hosts.

They doubled-down on that rhetoric recently, likening pro-life business owners — such as Hobby Lobby — who oppose the Obama administration’s contraception mandate to terrorists. “How is it different than The Taliban? I’d like to know,” asked Joy Behar.

Not surprisingly, “The View” co-hosts all seemed to be in agreement that this was a proper comparison, as each of them took shots at pro-life Christians.

Sara Haines stated her opinion that it’s “a bit of a conflict” for pro-lifers to “remove funding from places like Planned Parenthood that allows for family planning and decisions” and, at the same time, to “remove contraception.” She continued by saying that this approach does not give women “options to make the right decision” and it’s “almost punishing us for having ovaries.” Haines, of course, makes the logical leap that somehow contraception can’t be obtained if it isn’t taxpayer-funded or through one’s employer.

As for Whoopi Goldberg, she asked, “With all these rollbacks and with all the things we hear, what’s the difference between us and the people we’re fighting?” Clearly, she was insinuating that anyone who opposes a mandate on employers to provide contraception coverage to their employees are basically no better than the Islamic State.

Oddly enough, it’s impossible to name a single pro-life Christian who: opposes women driving; supports child marriage; thinks non-believers should be forcibly converted or killed; launches terrorist attacks; hates America and the West; and is generally supportive of mass bloodshed. Interesting.

Other greatest hits include Behar stating that this was just another way to keep women “down” or “in their place,” and Goldberg ranting about how companies that are faith-based shouldn’t receive tax breaks. It’s almost like they only like Christians who believe exactly like they do. Apparently, they are okay with trampling on the rights of pro-lifers — which is ironic, considering the context of the discussion that took place here.

If Christian business owners, as a matter of conscience, don’t want to cover contraception — especially since some forms of contraception can cause abortions — in their employee health insurance plans, who is the government to force them? Do Christians not have the First Amendment right to enjoy the “free exercise” of their religion? Who is really trying to force their views in this case?

It’s doubtful “The View” co-hosts have thought about it that much, unfortunately. This is what happens when you live a bubble where everyone thinks and acts exactly like you do — you begin to believe that everyone is the same as you. What we should be encouraging is an open and honest dialogue with one another about the issues we’re facing. We might not always agree, but it’s better to talk it out than make make sweeping, radical assumptions about people you don’t even know.

As Isaiah 1:18 admonishes, “Come now, and let us reason together.” Wouldn’t this be a much better approach than all of the yelling and name-calling? Something to think about.