BREAKING: Texas Governor Issues Heartbreaking Statement – This Is Horrible

Last night, the city of Lubbock, Texas was rocked with some very unfortunate news. Many found out first when Governor Greg Abbott (R) tweeted out an official statement.

On Twitter, Governor Abbott let the world know that a police officer with the Texas Tech University Police Department had died following a confrontation with an individual. Governor Abbott wrote: “I have mobilized the Texas Department of Public Safety to offer assistance to the Lubbock Police Department.”

The shooting put the Texas Tech campus on lockdown for a majority of the day.

Late on Monday evening, a Texas Tech student named Hollis Daniels was brought to a nearby police station for a routine welfare check. Daniels shot and killed one officer at the station before fleeing the scene.

He was eventually caught Tuesday morning at the Lubbock Municipal Coliseum.

Fox 34 in Lubbock has reported that drugs and drug paraphernalia were found in Daniels’ dorm room, thus necessitating the welfare check.

Another fact that led to Daniels’ welfare check was the fact that his mother told police her son was suicidal. On the day of the shooting, Daniels’ mother called police after her son’s dorm roommates told her about her son’s erratic behavior.

As of this writing, the name of the police officer has yet to be revealed.

Some liberals have been quick to point out that Texas Tech students are legally allowed to carry handguns on campus. However, under Texas law, 19-year-old Daniels was too young to legally carry a pistol on campus.

The campus carry law, signed by Governor Abbott, clearly states that one has to be 21 or older in order to legally carry a firearm on campus.

This case remains shrouded in mystery. For starters, Texas Tech law enforcement officials have not yet said how Daniels managed to have a gun in the first place. Similarly, it is not yet known if Daniels walked into the police station with a concealed firearm or if he stole a weapon from one of the officers.

The campus carry law in Texas is just one of 10 other states across the country that allow students to be armed on campus. When Governor Abbott signed the law in 2016, some 500 members of the Texas Tech faculty signed a petition urging the governor to reconsider the law.

In July of that year, three University of Texas professors actually sued the state government in order to have the law overturned. The professors claimed that the gun law was unconstitutional because it was part of what is being explained as “dangerously-experimental gun policies.”

The police officer died doing his job. Will you pray for his family?

This lawsuit was joined by another by professors from the University of Georgia, who say that the presence of guns in the classroom will create an “increased risk of physical harm.”

Public safety officials in Texas have stated that the 2016 campus carry law has made no dramatic impact so far.

Although it is too early to tell, this case may fall into aiding the arguments of some of these professors in Texas and Georgia. These same professors will, no doubt, use it as evidence for their unproven theory that campus carry laws make everyone less safe.