The Many Tentacles of George Soros in America in One Chart

George Soros holds undue influence over American politics by secretly funding anti-American politicians and groups. His connections were recently detailed here.

A new infographic is making the rounds on social media depicting billionaire hedge fund manager George Soros’ involvement in numerous left-wing and socialist causes. Featured in the chart is a statement from Soros declaring his intention to dismantle the United States of America.

George Soros is a Hungarian-born man who became a naturalized American citizen. Soros is touted as the 27th richest person in the world (although Business Insider most recently listed him as #28). He uses his incredible wealth to manipulate the media, the political processes of nations, and global economies.

Soros first rose to prominence in 1992 after he became known as the “man who broke the bank of England” in an event now known as Black Wednesday. The then-unknown investor bet against the British Pound, eventually forcing Britain out of the European Union Exchange Rate Mechanism. Soros made over a billion pounds in the deal, and cost British taxpayers around 3.3 billion pounds (4.6 billion dollars by today’s conversion rate), according to Investopedia.

In 2007, then-Fox News anchor Bill O’Reilly attempted to expose Soros and his political agenda. O’Reilly explained that Soros’ intention was to “buy a presidential election…By that I mean find and fund a candidate who will tacitly do what he or she is told to do.”

According to O’Reilly, Soros is capable of completely funding a political candidate, while simultaneously smearing their opponents. Soros directs millions of dollars to multiple propaganda networks, including and Media Matters for America.

“So you can see how powerful this guy Soros has become,” O’Reilly noted. “He can smear anyone he wants in a variety of ways. His organizations can raise millions for politicians, who will do his bidding. Thus, he can demand that politicians running for office do what he tells them to do.”

Soros proved his capability as a kingmaker by successfully helping former President Obama win his presidential election campaign in 2008. Soros was also ultimately successful in eliminating Bill O’Reilly. O’Reilly’s recent ousting from Fox News was facilitated by Media Matters for America, who had been attempting to force O’Reilly out of Fox News for over a decade.

Former President Obama is the closest to “puppet master” Soros in the infographic above because Obama was the first American presidential candidate that Soros had supported from the beginning.

George Soros became directly involved in American politics in 2004. He donated tens of millions of dollars to various propaganda networks opposed to the reelection of former President George W. Bush. At the same time, Soros was funding the Senate campaign of a young Barack Obama.

Obama served as a backbencher in the Illinois State Senate from 1997 to 2004. He quickly rose to prominence in 2004 after receiving support from George Soros. Soros helped fund Obama’s Senate election campaign in 2004.

According to Discover The Networks, Obama visited George Soros in his New York office in 2006. A few weeks after the meeting, Obama launched an exploratory committee for his presidential bid. When Obama announced his intention to run for office, Soros immediately contributed the maximum amount to Obama’s election campaign.

Needless to say, this amount of financial influence–coupled with a desire to overthrow a governmental system–is a very dangerous thing.