Telegram is about to be banned in Brazil

The Supreme Court of Brasil has just banned the popular messaging app Telegram, 9to5mac reports. 

The decision was rendered by the Brazilian Supreme Court on Friday. As we will see, the court essentially found that Telegram was not in compliance with the rules and regulations of Brazil.


According to ABC News, Telegram has, at this point, been under investigation in Brazil for a long time.

There are several reasons for this. For one, reports indicate that Brazilian politicians have used and continue to use Telegram to disseminate what has come to be known as fake news.

At the same time, there have also been reports that criminals have been using Telegram for illegal activities, including the selling of drugs, weapons, and other illegal things.

For these reasons, Brazil has not only been investigating Telegram but has also asked the company to cut back on these activities. Brazil also asked the company for information on Telegram users.

Telegram, however, has refused to meet these requests. The company has responded to Brazil with silence. This is what led to the court case.

The decision to ban Telegram

On Friday, Brazilian Supreme Court Justice Alexandre de Morais rendered the decision to ban Telegram in Brazil. Morais said that Telegram’s failure to meet the requests of Brazilian authorities shows that the company has “contempt for Brazilian Justice.”

Morais has ordered all internet providers and digital platforms in Brazil to essentially ban the Telegram app, stopping Brazilian users from accessing it. This includes the likes of Apple and Google.

Those companies who refuse to comply are facing a steep penalty. Per the Brazilian Supreme Court’s decision, companies who fail to comply with the ban on Telegram will be fined $20,000 per day.

At the moment, Telegram is still up and running in Brazil. This is expected to change at any point now, although it remains unclear exactly how this situation will play out.

The Brazilian Supreme Court’s decision does still allow Telegram to comply with the requests of Brazilian authorities, which would stop the ban from going into effect. But, it appears unlikely that Telegram will take this route given that it hasn’t so far.