WATCH: Ted Cruz Obliterates Bernie Sanders In Short Video Clip

The 2016 Presidential Election would have been a very different contest if runner-up nominees Senator Bernie Sanders (D-VT), and Senator Ted Cruz (D-TX), won their respective primaries. Now, thanks to a debate hosted by CNN, we can see what a Sanders vs. Cruz presidential election might have looked like.

Last night, CNN hosted a town hall debate between Senators Sanders and Cruz. The two men, both runners-up in their respective parties presidential primaries, faced off in a debate on the future tax code of America. The debate is particularly topical as Republicans in the Senate prepare to debate their planned overhaul of the tax system. In his opening statement, Sen. Cruz set the terms for the debate: Democrats want to raise taxes, while Republicans want them lowered. 

Debates between President Trump and failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton were extremely heated and tense. President Trump brought three women who have accused Hillary Clinton’s husband, former-President Bill Clinton, of sexual abuse to the second debate in an effort to throw off his political rival. Hillary Clinton referred to President Trump and his supporters as “deplorable,” while Trump suggested that Clinton would be in jail if he won the White House.

In sharp contrast, the debate between Senators Cruz and Sanders oscillated between fierce attacks and friendly ribbing. The good-natured side of the two men debating was highlighted in one exchange when Sanders was accused of interrupting Cruz.

“Bernie, I didn’t interrupt you,” Cruz said after Sanders cut him off.

“Yes, you did,” retorted Sanders, sending snickers across the audience.

“Well, I stopped when you pointed it out,” Cruz replied.

“Don’t interrupt me when I’m interrupting you!” shouted Sanders.

Yet, between the jovial jabs, the senators understood the importance of their debate for the future of our tax code. Yet, compromise seems impossible when these two intelligent men cannot even agree on the terms of the debate.

“Bernie and the Democrats want to raise your taxes, and the Republicans want to cut them so that you have more in your pocket,” Cruz said, drawing the battle lines of the exchange.

Sanders, on the other hand, suggested that the debate is really about picking winners and losers out of the American people. “What this entire proposal is about is to give tax breaks to people who don’t need it, and you do that by making massive cuts in education, in health care, in housing, in the programs that working families desperately need,” Sanders said, suggesting that the wealthy do not deserve the income that they earned.

Sander’s socialist dreams continue to be haunted by one simple question – who will pay for everything he thinks the government should do? This difficulty was highlighted in the Senate confirmation hearing of Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos. According to The Washington Free Beacon, Sanders’ asked DeVos if she would support his proposal for free post-secondary education. Where DeVos curtly replied, “there’s nothing in life that’s truly free.”

Senator Cruz revealed the same problems in Bernie Sanders tax proposal. According to Ted Cruz, when Bernie Sanders says he plans to “tax the rich,” he is actually referring to all taxpayers, and not just the top one percent.

Sen. Cruz destroyed all of Bernie Sanders’ tax ideas. Would Sanders’ ideas ever work?

To illustrate this fact, Cruz explained that Sanders’ tax plan will cost over $13 trillion if implemented. “We could take every single person making $1 million a year or more and confiscate 100 percent of their income — everything they make, every penny — and it would raise about $1 trillion, about 8 percent of the cost of Bernie’s tax plan,” Cruz said, proving that the one percent will not be the only ones on the hook for Sanders’ socialist experiment.

While Sanders claims to want to help people in difficult situations in his attempts to socialize the US, as Sen. Cruz demonstrated, his plan would accomplish nothing. A better option would be for Sen. Sanders to sell two of his three houses and give the money to those in need. But that might be too much for the 1% senator, even though he claims to be a man of the people.

Hopefully, Republicans can pass massive tax reform that will affect real change for the people of the United States.