ALERT: Ted Cruz Issues Dire Warning To Congress, This Is Critical

The subject of tax policies should be concerning for any tax-paying American. Sen. Ted Cruz(R-TX) issued Congress a critical message on the subject, and it could make or break the GOP.

Cruz issued his message Tuesday, addressing the House GOP tax plan. The plan would raise individual taxes in states with already historically high taxes, such as New York and California. Cruz stated that this was not the way to go, and to put such a burden on the American people would be a “mistake,” according to The Hill.

There must be significant changes to this new tax bill if the GOP wants to see it come to fruition. Many say the GOP should instead focus on ensuring low taxes for all Americans.

This makes the individual mandate packaged with Obamacare an ideal place to look. The individual mandate has been under fire in the past due to the unconstitutional stipulations contained within. Many say that it is a punishment masquerading as a tax.

Cruz explained that the individual mandate affects 6.5 million Americans. This rule is a penalty applied to families who do not opt to get health insurance. In a supposedly free country, the ability to purchase health insurance is a right, and not a requirement.

By punishing people for not paying into a federal program, the Obama administration essentially extorted the American people, strong-arming them into a program they may or may not have wanted to participate in. The country is still reeling from the effects of Obamacare, and it will take years — perhaps decades — in order to rectify the damages done.

Most of the 6.5 million who face this penalty are either lower or middle class. Removal of this penalty via the tax code would provide “immediate relief” to those who are worried about extra money coming out of their paychecks.

While Cruz was suggesting changes to the plan, he also spoke about changing the tax code, and the United States as a whole. Cruz argued that getting rid of the individual mandate would give more power to the tax-writing committees of the Senate, as well as the House.

Cruz is determined to make sure his constituents, and others across the country, don’t see an increase in their taxes. This is something that has been a strong point of focus for successful Republican campaigns in the past, and it has always been popular with Americans on both sides of the political aisle, so Cruz seems poised to support the measure indefinitely.

In discussing the repeal of the individual mandate, Cruz pointed out, “One of the real virtues of repealing the individual mandate, number one, [is] every Republican in the Senate has voted to repeal the individual mandate, 100 percent of us.”

Is Senator Cruz correct?

This one change could generate between 300 or 400 billion dollars in revenue over the course of a decade. This money could be used to encourage growth in America, perhaps positively impacting unemployment.

People like Cruz are confronting the establishment to bring more rights, more money, and more freedom to the American people.