Teacher Who Called Kids “Nazis” For Supporting Trump Just Learned Her Fate

It looks like one teacher has reaped the consequences of equating support for President Donald Trump to supporters of Nazism in 1930s Germany.

According to Turning Point, Lyn Orletsky, a former math teacher at River Ridge High School in Georgia, was recently fired because of statements she made to students wearing “Make America Great Again” shirts. She compared the students’ support for the president to Nazism.

Earlier this week, Orletsky was caught on tape viciously castigating students in her class for wearing shirts that displayed President Trump’s campaign slogan. She said, “Just like you cannot wear a swastika to school, you cannot wear Make America Great Again like that.” After embarrassing the students — who had not violated the school’s dress code — she ordered them to leave her classroom.

Keep in mind, it is illegal for teachers at public schools to make political statements — Orletsky was not only being vindictive; she was also breaking the law. The Superintendent of Schools issued an apology to the parents of the students — but it wasn’t good enough. They took to social media, demanding that Orletsky lose her job because of her behavior.

Turning Point was informed of the teacher’s firing by an anonymous source working at River Ridge High School. The source provided a letter that the school sent to the parents of Orletsky’s students notifying them of her termination. The letter from principal Darrell Herring said, “Ms. Orletsky no longer is your child’s math teacher, effective immediately.”

Principal Herring also took steps to ensure that this type of incident does not happen again at his school. He reiterated to River Ridge High School’s teachers and faculty that there are federal and state laws that restrict their political activity at taxpayer-funded schools.

When the video of Orletsky’s anti-Trump rant surfaced, it elicited much criticism. Cherokee County School District spokeswoman Barbara Jacoby stated that Orletsky was wrong to remove the students from her class. “Her actions were wrong, as the ‘Make America Great Again’ shirts worn by the students are not a violation of our School District dress code,” she said. “The teacher additionally — and inappropriately — shared her personal opinion about the campaign slogan during class.”

State politicians also chimed in on the controversy. State Republican Rep. Earl Ehrhart tod the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, “It’s just shocking — you can’t do that to kids.” He continued, “That’s so wrong on so many levels. That individual doesn’t need to be anywhere near a classroom ever again.”

Ever since President Trump was elected, people on the left have used their platforms to demonize him in the most extreme ways. Rather than trying to discredit his policies and ideas, they have attempted to smear his character by comparing him with Adolph Hitler and the Nazi party. After the “Unite The Right” rally in Charlottesville, VA where a woman was killed by a white supremacist, this rhetoric has only intensified.

Teacher fired for comparing MAGA hat to nazi symbol. Are they comparable?

As far as many on the left are concerned, people with whom they disagree are nothing more than “Nazis” and “white supremacists.” Orletsky is entitled to her views, however, she was not allowed to express them in her class — and she certainly was not entitled to humiliate students who have differing political opinions.

Her willingness to compare high school students to Nazis is a reprehensible example of how far some leftists are willing to go to smear the character of conservatives. While the school’s decision to fire her was the correct one, it is important to also consider the ramifications of this type of rhetoric on a national scale.

We now have groups like Antifa who are willing to use violence against anyone they consider to be a fascist. This is especially disturbing because they consider all conservatives to be fascists. If we are going to return to civility in our political discourse, people who use extreme language should be repudiated by the rest of the American public — otherwise, they will continue to dominate the discussion.