Teacher Fired After People Begin to Notice Sick Details on Her OnlyFans Account

An Arizona teacher has left her job after filming OnlyFans pornographic content in a classroom.

Thunderbolt Middle School teacher Samantha Peer has resigned her position after Lake Havasu Unified School District administrators became aware that she had filmed a pornographic video in a school classroom, according to Havasu News.

A fourth grade teacher at the district’s Nautilus Elementary, Dillon Peer, was terminated on Nov. 4 in connection to OnlyFans account.

Dillon Peer is Samantha’s husband.

A school district spokeswoman confirmed that Samantha Peer is no longer an employee of the district but said the district would not provide a comment on the “personnel matters,”  according to KSAZ-TV.

“The images depicted did not happen during the school day, and the person depicted no longer works for LHUSD,” the district confirmed in an email statement provided to Havasu News.

Peer confirmed that she had resigned her position as a teacher on Oct. 31 in a video statement published under the name of her OnlyFans alias on Saturday.

“I am already paying the consequence by losing my teaching certificate, as well as losing the job that I loved most,” Peer said of the situation’s aftermath, going to state she regrets creating a video in the classroom.

Peer described using OnlyFans as a result of her teacher’s salary failing to cover necessary expenses, jeopardizing her family and her own children.

“It got to a point where our family was not able to survive on our two teacher incomes,” Peer said of her finances.

“I created content at the beginning of the summer in order to earn extra money on the side to help pay for our basic necessities, that our salaries were no longer meeting.”

One parent of an eighth-grader claims that Peer had a link to her OnlyFans account under social media accounts bearing her real name, according to KSAZ.

Peer says that the video created on school premises was made “after contract hours” on a weekend, and that no minors were ever involved.

Students had begun circulating explicit content created by Peer amongst themselves, according to Havasu News.

“Parents are still allowing their students to follow, contact, harass and intimidate me,” Peer said of the controversy, accusing community members of engaging in “revenge porn” and forcing an area gym to cancel her longtime membership.

Thunderbolt Middle School informed parents that students at the school had begin sharing a pornographic video involving a school employee amongst themselves last week, according to KSAZ.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.