BREAKING: Tapper Goes Rogue With Unprecedented Statement on Obama’s True Colors

All of President Trump’s criticism of CNN may have actually spurred CNN anchor, Jake Tapper, to be more honest about the media’s coverage of the Trump Administration.

During an interview with the Rolling Stone, Tapper admitted, “A lot of people on the left didn’t like it before, and now they like it. I don’t want to compare President Obama and President Trump on these issues because they’re different and the scale isn’t even remotely the same. But President Obama said things that weren’t true and got away with it more for a variety of reasons, and one is the media was much more supportive of him. The Obama White House thought I was self-righteous and a huge pain in the ass.”

Tapper says that, when he would call out the Obama Administration’s lies, those on the left did not like it. Now that he has turned his criticisms to the Trump Administration, they do.

It’s unusual to hear someone from the media admit that the Obama Administration did lie. For eight years, the media elite were dedicated to under-emphasizing every misstep of President Obama. Often times, if the president misspoke, he would be granted the benefit of the doubt, and the story would not even be covered.

Compare that to the media’s laser focus on the precise wording President Trump uses. They have even begun to willfully ignore his intentions, as Christian News Alerts covered, which is especially evident if you consider the way the media has spun President Trump’s comments on Charlottesville. Clearly, the media has treated the two presidents very differently.

It might be easy to dismiss the media’s overblown treatment of President Trump, as well as their attempts to broadcast leftist propaganda to bolster their failing ratings. But, if the 2016 presidential election proved anything, it was that most Americans are tired of the leftist hysteria, and of disingenuous reporting in general.

If the media were truly focused solely on ratings, they would have shifted their reporting to being fairer to Trump, to try to attract the eyes of his many supporters.

So why have they done the opposite? Well, Tapper drops a little suggestion as to what else might be driving the media, saying, “I do think there is a sort of confirmation bias that some media outlets feed and it does trouble me because I try not to do that.”

Tapper cannot admit that he or his network are, or were involved in pushing a “confirmation bias” — one that sees everything that President Trump says and does as wrong — but he admits that some outlets are doing it.

CNN’s Jake Tapper admits the media showed favor to Obama. Are you tired of the biased media?

For most outlets, the goal is no longer reporting the news. Reporters are overwhelmingly liberal, pushing the leftist masses into further outrage. The clear distinction between their reporting on President Trump and former President Obama is all you need to prove it.

Now, if we could just get reporters to admit (on-air) that they failed in covering Obama properly, maybe this country could move past the divisive period we are stuck in.

Unfortunately, I don’t expect any other journalists to follow Tapper’s footsteps and begin opening up about their past, or current failings — they are too invested in their own political bias.