New report reveals Fox News made push for ABC’s Jon Karl to replace Chris Wallace

It was recently revealed that ABC News Chief Washington Correspondent Jonathan Karl was contacted by Fox News about replacing Chris Wallace. The Daily Beast broke the news that Fox News made a push for Karl to be the replacement for Wallace, who abruptly left the network in December. According to The Daily Beast, “Karl, who […]

Ukraine takes out a another Russian general

BBC reports that a top-Russian general has been killed by Ukrainian forces.  The Russian general has been identified as Lt. Gen. Yakov Rezantsev. He was the commander of Russia’s 49th combined army. Rezantsev had just been promoted to the rank of lieutenant general in 2021. His military background includes participation in Russia’s military operation in […]

Taylor Hawkins of the Foo Fighters dies at 50

The New York Post reports that Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins has passed away prematurely at the age of only 50.  Hawkins was found on Friday dead in the hotel room he was staying at in the Four Seasons Casa Medina located in Bogota, Columbia. He and the Foo Fighters were there on tour. The […]

Former NHL president Gil Stein dies at 94

The National Hockey League (NHL) reports that Gil Stein, the final president in League history, has passed away at the age of 94.  Stein’s passing, according to the NHL, occurred on Thursday. The cause, however, has yet to be revealed. He had been living in an assisted living community in Gladwyne, Pennsylvania. Who was Stein? […]

Manhattan DA ‘indefinitely’ suspends investigation of Trump

It appears that the Manhatten district attorney’s office is no longer pursuing charges against former President Donald Trump. Fox News reports that one of the district attorney prosecutors who was involved in the investigation of Trump has revealed that the investigation has been suspended by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg.  “Suspended indefinitely” The prosecutor who […]

Russian special envoy resigns, flees the country

Fox News reports that Russian official Anatoly Chubais, in protest of Russia’s ongoing war against Ukraine, has resigned from his post. Reports also indicate that Chubais has decided to flee the country. Specifics We know for sure that Chubais has resigned in opposition to Russia’s war against Ukraine. But, what is not known for sure […]

TV Star Maury Povich retiring after 31 years on air

Maury Povich, the daytime host for the famed NBC Universal show “Maury,” announced he is retiring after 31 years on the air. Povich announced his decision on Monday and provided a statement saying, “I’m so proud of my relationship with NBCUniversal and all those who worked on the “Maury” show, but as I occasionally tell […]

Ukraine’s Druzenko orders Russian troops to be ‘castrated’

A video is circulating the internet of a top Ukrainian health official saying that he has given the order “to castrate” Russian troops.  It appears that the Russia-Ukraine war is provoking bad behavior on all sides. Here’s the video: Gennadiy Druzenko, head of Ukrainian military medical service, boasts on Ukraine 24 channel that he “gave […]

South Carolina is now prepared to carry out firing squad executions

South Carolina has prepared itself to carry out executions by means of a firing squad, Greenville News reports.  According to a law that the state passed last year, the electric chair is the primary execution method in South Carolina. The state is one of only eight states that still use the electric chair. But, the […]