Biden budget proposal contains what could be largest tax hike in U.S. history

President Joe Biden has unveiled a proposed budget for fiscal year 2023 that is chock full of increased federal spending, er, “investments,” that are being described by the administration as “historic.” In order to pay for the proposed spending, however, tax revenue must also be raised, and according to Fox Business, Biden’s budget calls for […]

Famed powerlifter Louie Simmons, who admitted to steroid use, dead at age 74

A legendary powerlifter credited with multiple innovations that advanced and expanded that strength training sport has reportedly passed away. Louie Simmons, a champion lifter, coach, inventor, and founder of the elite Westside Barbell gym in Ohio, was 74, weightlifting website BarBend reported. It remains unclear at this point exactly when or how Simmons died, the […]

Justice Thomas hospitalized with non-COVID ‘flu-like symptoms’

justice thomas

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is not only the longest-serving jurist on the nation’s highest court but also is arguably its most conservative member, and millions upon millions of Americans rely upon him to steadfastly defend and uphold the U.S. Constitution from government violations. Unfortunately, Justice Thomas is currently sidelined and hospitalized with “flu-like” symptoms […]

Justice Clarence Thomas taken to hospital for ‘infection,’ Supreme Court says

justice thomas

Just a few days before the U.S. Supreme Court was set to dominate the headlines as President Joe Biden’s SCOTUS nominee is scheduled to begin her confirmation process with a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, another shocking high court issue popped up over the weekend. According to ABC News, conservative Justice Clarence Thomas, 73, was recently […]