Op-Ed: It’s Thanksgiving, Joe, Not ‘Friendsgiving’

I was driving home from work when the news came on to tell me that President Joe Biden had made plans to travel to a military base to share a “Friendsgiving” meal with soldiers. I thought, “What in the world is ‘Friendsgiving’?” Liberals want us to declare our pronouns, can’t decide what defines a woman, […]

‘Anti-Trump’ Account Posts Poll Asking Whether Kari Lake Should Concede, Final Results Blow Up in Its Face

A poll conducted by a left-wing Twitter account that tried to dunk on Republican Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake comically backfired after conservatives hijacked the survey. The social media drama unfolded on Monday, shortly after Lake posted a somber Twitter message alerting voters that Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich had launched an investigation into suspicious […]

Elon Musk Posts Historic News About Twitter – Boycotting Libs and Media Will Be Melting Down

Despite the woke, anti-free speech left’s hope that Twitter will die, Elon Musk just announced that the social media platform has added 1.6 million daily active users. Musk noted on Monday that that was “another all-time high.” Twitter added 1.6M daily active users this past week, another all-time high pic.twitter.com/Si3cRYnvyD — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) November […]

Target Takes Extreme Measures in Desperate Bid to Stop Shoplifting

The crime of retail theft has become a major problem for stores across America, and it is driving big chains to take drastic action to stem losses reaching into the hundreds of millions of dollars. Retail giant Target reported in a conference call this week that its profits have taken a major hit due to […]

Pelosi Can’t Help Herself, Sneaks in Cheap Shot at Trump During Speech – Did You Catch It?

Donald Trump might not be president anymore, but he still has a home in Washington, it seems. Rent-free, in Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s head. Pelosi attempted to memory-hole Trump’s administration in her speech announcing her retirement from Democratic Party leadership. The arch-Democrat bragged of her supposed bipartisan accomplishments working with “three Presidents” in […]