31-Year-Old Former Mets Pitching Prospect Dies of Sudden Heart Attack

Former New York Mets minor league pitcher Matt Pobereyko died on Sunday.

Former New York Mets minor league pitcher Matt Pobereyko died at the age of 31 on Sunday of a suspected heart attack. NBC News reported Pobereyko was in his apartment in a Chicago suburb on Friday when he collapsed. He died two days later and his family is searching for answers. The relief pitcher’s brother […]

Family Announces 28-Year-Old Disney Actor Died from an Enlarged Heart

The family of actor and artist Jansen Panettiere has announced that his death was the result of a heart condition. Jansen Panettiere, the brother of actress Hayden Panettiere, was found dead in his New York apartment on Feb. 19. “Though it offers little solace, the Medical Examiner reported Jansen’s sudden passing was due to cardiomegaly […]

Kimberly Guilfoyle Announces New Show: ‘Establishment’s Worst Nightmare’

Kimberly Guilfoyle will host a new show twice a week on the video platform Rumble beginning next month. The Fox News alumnus announced the show, which will be called “The Kimberly Guilfoyle Show,” during an interview with Breitbart. Guilfoyle, who spent 12 years with Fox, told the outlet she is excited to offer people who […]

Biden Tries to Slam DeSantis, Instead Accidentally Tweets Out Argument for School Choice

Joe Biden tweeted what he thought was a perfect slam on Florida’s Gov. Ron DeSantis, but it ended up having other, unintended implications. On Friday, Biden took to Twitter to lambast the Republican governor for his pushback against the College Board’s AP African American Studies course, which included topics such as critical race theory and […]