Five SpaceX Employees Who Publicly Complained About CEO Elon Musk Just Paid the Price

Several employees at Elon Musk’s SpaceX circulated an open letter criticizing Musk this week. Now some of those employees have been fired. The public letter taking issue with Musk’s behavior started making the rounds on Wednesday, according to The New York Times, which obtained a copy of it. The employees began by mentioning “recent allegations […]

The Biden Administration Is Quietly Urging Companies to Buy Products from Russia: Report

A new report indicates that the Biden administration’s highly publicized sanctions against Russia have worked too well — to the point where officials are now trying, with limited success, to convince U.S. companies to buy and carry Russian products to lessen the “collateral damage” that’s been done to the American economy. “[S]ome Biden administration officials […]

White House Logs Show Some Interesting ‘Guests’ Visited While Biden Publicly Praised Police

Like his failed presidency, Joe Biden’s pro-police rhetoric is hollow political theater. While the Biden administration has publicly distanced itself from the toxic “defund the police” movement amid terrifying nationwide crime waves, it has quietly hosted numerous “defund the police” activists, according to White House visitor logs viewed by Fox News. In December, anti-police activist […]

Iran and Venezuela Openly Violate US Sanctions; 20-Year Cooperation Pact Signed

Venezuela and Iran signed a 20-year cooperation agreement Saturday, pledging to bolster ties between the two countries. The agreement in Tehran between Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro and Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi covers Iran-Venezuela cooperation in the oil and petrochemical industries, economic relations, and military cooperation, according to The Associated Press. The agreement also covers areas […]