Monkeypox Outbreaks Being Linked Back to Mass LGBT Events

On the heels of news that a gay fetish event in Antwerp helped spread the monkeypox virus in Belgium, officials are homing in on an LGBT event in Spain as a potential superspreader event for the disease. The Gran Canarian pride festival was attended by about 80,000, according to the U.K. Daily Mail. Maspalomas Pride […]

IRS Destroys 30 Million Paper-Filed Documents, Claims It Will Not Affect Taxpayers

The Internal Revenue Service has been scolded after auditors found 30 million documents were destroyed. The IRS said in response that taxpayers were never harmed by the destruction, according to Fox Business. The Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration recently took a close look at IRS operations due to concerns over what was going on amid a backlog […]

Nadler in Fight for Survival After Court Upends Democat Plan to Steal House Seats

This is going to be pure, progressive pain — and no one deserves it more. After New York state Democrats tried to gerrymander their way into one-party dominance with cheating so flagrant even a Democrat-dominated court couldn’t stomach it, new congressional districts in the Empire State are pitting longtime party “titans” against each other in […]

Biden Easing Sanctions on Second Socialist Dictatorship in Two Days

The Biden administration is easing up on socialist, oppressive countries despite the American tradition of cutting ties with such nations. President Joe Biden has taken a step towards easing some energy sanctions against Venezuela, the New York Post reported. This comes on the heels of the administration also taking measures to lift some financial, travel […]