Op-Ed: Don’t Be Fooled by Elon Musk’s Plan to Vote GOP – He Is Not a Conservative

In light of the recently leaked Roe v. Wade draft opinion, Elon Musk’s Tesla just announced that it will cover travel costs for employees seeking out-of-state abortions. Few issues mark the divide between liberals and conservatives as sharply as the issue of whether it’s OK to murder babies; however, many conservatives remain convinced that Musk […]

‘It’s Time to Repeal the Second Amendment’: Fanatic Leftist Demands ‘Moratorium’ on Gun Sales

Leftist filmmaker Michael Moore voiced an extremist attack on the Second Amendment on Tuesday during an MSNBC segment. The progressive activist went well beyond standard Democratic campaign rhetoric with regard to firearms. Moore claimed: “It’s time to repeal the Second Amendment.” The Hollywood elite blasted the Democratic Party for refusing to openly condemn the constitutional right. […]

Trump Right Again: Predicted in 2020 Stock Market Would Tank Under Biden

One might say a jewel in the crown of Donald Trump’s presidency was the astounding rise of the stock market. Early in his tenure, economists such as Stephen Moore were predicting that the Dow Jones Industrial Average could reach 30,000 — and it did. The day after the former New York businessman was elected to […]