People Notice Something Creepy as Biden Walks by Restaurant and Peers in Window

President Joe Biden and his family hit Nantucket, Massachusetts, over Thanksgiving weekend to do what Biden does best — shuffle around in public, smiling and waving and doing his whole “relatable old man” schtick. Unfortunately for Biden, however, he pulls off “creepy old man” much more effectively, as evidenced by an unflattering shot captured from […]

Attorney Who Requested to Represent Trump But Was Denied Dies Unexpectedly at Age 48

New York defense lawyer and Pace University professor John Meringolo died “unexpectedly” on Nov. 16 after requesting two months earlier that he be allowed to represent former President Donald Trump’s Trump Organization and Trump Payroll Corp. at the last minute. Meringolo told the judge in another case — the retrial of alleged “We Build the […]

Speculation Erupts After Kari Lake and Donald Trump Are Photographed Together

Arizona Republican Kari Lake was spotted Thursday with former President Donald Trump in Mar-a-Lago, Florida, stirring rumors about the possibility of her being chosen as Trump’s 2024 running mate. Lake said she was in Florida looking into possible voter disenfranchisement in the Arizona gubernatorial race, which has been called for her opponent, Democrat Katie Hobbs. […]