Biden’s Approval Comes Crashing Down Again, Barely Away from Lowest Point of Presidency

President Joe Biden’s approval rating has dropped to near its all-time low this month after it experienced a resurgence late last year, a new poll found. Biden’s approval rating tanked last summer as Americans were plagued by issues such as historic inflation, high interest rates and soaring crime. According to polling from the Associated Press-NORC […]

Biden Issues First Veto as President – This Is How It Impacts You

President Joe Biden has issued the first veto of his presidency by denying a GOP-sponsored bill that would prevent money managers of retirement funds from using climate change and other woke policies to guide their investment strategies. Biden’s administration pushed a Labor Department rule covering environmental, social and governance (ESG) investing that would encourage fund […]

Hillary Clinton Fan Page Loses One-Third of Membership, Then Gets Worse News

Not so long ago, Hillary Clinton was considered to be the rising star of American politics and the Democratic Party and was touted as the first woman who would become the president of the United States. Then, however, came 2016, when Clinton, whom many people considered certain to become the next president, was dealt a […]

Democratic Architect of Dobbs-Frank Shoots Down Claims Trump Caused Banking Collapse

Everything is Donald Trump’s fault. The war in Ukraine, the toxic train derailment in Ohio, the officiating in Super Bowl LVII — everything! It’s all Donald Trump’s fault. And the recent bank failures — the former president caused that, too, by endorsing the loosening of banking regulations enacted by the 2010 Dodd-Frank Act, according to […]