Breaking Report: Trump Grand Jury Kicks the Can Again, No Indictment in Immediate Future

Fans and detractors of former President Donald Trump alike are in a holding pattern — again. A report Thursday from The Wall Street Journal paints a picture of chaos and last-minute shuffling within the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office in New York as DA Alvin Bragg prepares to indict the former president for allegedly falsifying business […]

Boxing Champion Dies Suddenly at 19, Parents Left with ‘No Answers’ on Death

British boxer Jude Moore was found dead Friday.

A promising young boxer whom British media dubbed a “future world champion” died suddenly last week. Jude Moore of Bristol, England, was found dead Friday, LBC reported Tuesday. No cause of death was given. He was only 19 but was considered a strong title prospect as he had already won two national championships as a […]

Fact Check: Could Donald Trump Govern from Prison if Convicted and Elected President?

Democrats have fantasized about Donald Trump in a prison jumpsuit since even before he won the presidency. But with Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg reportedly preparing a brazenly political criminal indictment against Trump, the fevered dreams of even the most fervent Trump hater could be appearing on the horizon of reality. But could the weaponization […]