Restaurant Kicks Out Fox News Analyst Over His Conservative Political Views

In a Sunday morning appearance on Fox News’ “Fox & Friends Weekend,” Gianno Caldwell, a political analyst for the network, reported that he and his friends had been asked to leave Paradis Books and Bread — a North Miami, Florida, restaurant — the previous morning. In the video below, Caldwell said he and several new […]

Fox Weatherman Viciously Beaten After Standing Up for Old Man on Subway

Ah, New York City in 2023. A place where you can get beaten up on a subway platform for defending an elderly man, then find out that, while your assailants were taken into custody by police officers, they were released without charges. According to the New York Post, Fox News meteorologist Adam Klotz took a […]

Fox News Executive Dies at 47 After Heart Attack

Alan Komissaroff, Fox News Vice President of News and Politics, died unexpectedly Friday. He was 47.

A longtime Fox News executive has died. Fox News Senior Vice President of News & Politics Alan Komissaroff passed away  Jan. 20, according to the network. The 47-year-old channel executive died after a heart attack that occurred two weeks ago, according to a GoFundMe organized by a family friend. “This is an extremely difficult day […]

Trump Announces Special Event to Celebrate Life of Lynette ‘Diamond’ Hardaway

It’s safe to say that former President Donald Trump has millions of fans. Still, any reasonable person would have to admit that Lynette Hardaway, a wonderful North Carolina woman also known as “Diamond” from the pro-Trump “Diamond and Silk” conservative duo who skyrocketed to popularity for their vocal support of the 45th president, was truly […]

Staggering Report: DOJ Purposely Decided to Have Biden’s Personal Lawyers Conduct Classified Document Search Instead of Sending FBI

The Biden administration’s Justice Department deliberately kept the FBI out of the picture in the search for classified documents tucked away at President Joe Biden’s residences, according to a new report. The report in the Wall Street Journal cited sources it did not name, who said Biden’s personal lawyers and Justice Department officials jointly came […]