Most Damning Detail of Fauci’s 7-Hour Deposition Slips Through Media Blackout

Since the beginning of the pandemic, many Americans were skeptical of the so-called “experts” leading the response effort. Sure, epidemiologists know a lot when it comes to the spread of diseases. But when it comes to public policy, psychology, human nature, economics and a thousand other factors relating to massive decisions like country-wide lockdowns, they […]

Family and Fans Rocked as Beloved Star of Kids’ Show Dies Suddenly

Anyone who can lay claim to being a 90’s child undoubtedly had some experience with the beloved live action show “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.” Sadly, that means anyone who can lay claim to being a 90’s child woke up on Sunday to some somber news. Jason David Frank, best known for his portrayal of Tommy […]

Tim Allen Has Off-Beat Joke About Friend Jay Leno’s Injury

Actor and comedian Tim Allen this week visited his longtime friend and fellow comedian Jay Leno, who suffered severe burns last Saturday while working on one of his cars. Leno told TMZ that the accident occurred while he was fixing a clogged fuel line on his 1907 White Steam Car in his garage in Burbank, […]