Franklin Graham Preaches for the First Time Ever in Mongolia – Over 17,000 Attend Event

Mongolia, an eastern Asian nation roughly the size of Alaska, is primarily a Buddhist country. About 94 percent of the population of 3 million people practices Buddhism, according to One World Nations Online. The remaining citizens practice Islam and shamanism, a belief system indigenous to northern Asia. So they definitely need to hear the message […]

Russia Gloats After Half of Ukraine Is Thrown Into Blackout Conditions

As fighting continues between Russian invasion forces and increasingly aggressive Ukrainian defenders, Russia targeted a power station on Sunday causing widespread power outages across Ukraine. The damage to Ukraine’s infrastructure comes as Kyiv forces have mounted a counteroffensive against Russian troops that have driven the  Rusian military out of Ukraine’s northeastern territories, NPR reported. The […]

Deadly Virus Detected Under New York – Governor Declares Bio-Emergency

Barely a month after New York state officials warned that polio was making a comeback, the virus has been detected in a new location. Wastewater from Long Island’s Nassau County has been found to contain the virus, according to a state Department of Health news release. Democratic New York Gov. Kathy Hochul declared a state […]

The Jan. 6 Committee Is Considering a Made-for-TV Hearing Stunt: Report

The Democrat-dominated panel investigating last year’s Capitol incursion may hold prime-time hearings this spring and summer, according to new reports. Moving hearings into the evening, which is rare, would be part of a deliberate strategy to saturate the nation with the House select committee’s perspectives, Axios reported Wednesday. Witnesses would be amassed to build a […]