Haunting Message: Suicide Cult Leader’s Final Words Revealed

Cult leader Wayne Bent said he is the Messiah in a new video that has been released in which he likened himself to Jesus. Bent, 82, is the leader of the Lord Our Righteousness Church, which the British tabloid The Sun said is “rumored to be a suicide cult.” Bent was sentenced to 10 years […]

Leaked Bank Memo: They’re Actually Hoping Things Will Get Worse for American Workers

A Bank of America executive in a leaked memo wrote “we hope” that the ratio of job openings to the number of unemployed lessens significantly, meaning American workers will have fewer options. Ethan Harris, the head of global economics research for the corporation’s investment banking arm, Bank of America Securities, explained in a memo titled […]

Trump’s Former Chief of Staff Got Physical with Ivanka, Jared Kushner Says in Memoir

According to Jared Kushner’s upcoming memoir, John F. Kelly, the second White House chief of staff under President Donald Trump, “shoved” Ivanka Trump following an Oval Office meeting. Kushner, who is married to Ivanka Trump, wrote that Kelly possessed a “Jekyll-and-Hyde” demeanor and often experienced fits of “rage.” Donald Trump’s son-in-law recalled the incident in […]