Biden Tells Giant Whopper While Overseas That’s Completely at Odds with History

Anyone who pays attention knows that President Joe Biden is a serial teller of untruths, but the establishment media usually just ignores his many falsehoods — and sometimes they even amplify them. And he just did it again. Biden’s latest whopper of a lie was disgorged in Hiroshima, Japan, while attending the G7 Summit there […]

Alarming Report on Americans Released – This Is a Very Bad Sign

In an alarming sign of the current state of the economy, a new report has revealed just how tightly everyday Americans are being squeezed. The New York Federal Reserve’s quarterly report on household debt and credit, released this month, found that “aggregate household debt balances increased by $148 billion in the first quarter of 2023.” […]

Impeachment of Major Biden Admin Official Gaining Momentum – Key Republicans Say It’s Time

As the nation’s southern border further resembles a sieve, restive House Republicans want to strike back by impeaching Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. Several House Judiciary Committee members are champing at the bit. “He should be impeached as soon as humanly possible,” Republican Rep. Chip Roy of Texas told reporters Tuesday, according to Breitbart. Republican […]

News Anchor Fired from ABC for What He Was Allegedly Caught on Hot Mic Saying

TV host Ken Rosato was fired after allegedly making a comment that was caught on a hot mic.

An anchor with New York City’s ABC affiliate was abruptly fired earlier this month after a hot mic allegedly caught him using a four-letter word while he referred to a female colleague. The word did not make it on the air, but it did reportedly lead to the anchor’s termination. Page Six reported WABC-TV host […]

Trump Announces He Has Big Plans for Flynn if Re-Elected

After dropping a hint last month that retired Gen. Michael Flynn would be returning to Washington with him if he wins the 2024 presidential election, former President Donald Trump left no doubt in anyone’s minds Saturday night. Flynn, Trump’s national security advisor during the 2016 presidential transition period, was forced out of office within weeks […]