Europe Turns on Biden Administration for What It Has Done With Ukraine Conflict

If a series of comments from European officials reflect a wider view, a gap may be opening between the Biden administration and its European allies over the way America has conducted itself during the Ukraine war. The report, which relies extensively on sources that are not named, frames European officials as fuming that America grows […]

Top Kamala Harris Staffer Heads for the Exit, He’s Taking His Skills Elsewhere

One of Vice President Kamala Harris’ top staffers is leaving the White House. Josh Hsu, the Vice President’s chief legal advisor, intends to leave his current job by the end of the year, according to administration sources cited by Axios. The news of Hsu’s planned resignation broke on Wednesday. The Democratic lawyer has worked for […]

Kevin McCarthy Vows to Send 3 Major Democrats Packing When GOP Takes Over House

U.S. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy told Fox News this weekend that if he is elected the next speaker of the House, he will force some prominent Democrats from their current committee posts. McCarthy, who is expected to be the next speaker despite some Republican opposition, said that the conduct of Democratic Reps. Ilhan Omar, […]

Biden Rocked on Morning of 80th Birthday as He Receives Worst News Possible

President Joe Biden isn’t going to happy to find out about his 80th birthday present from Elon Musk. Former President Donald Trump was reinstated on Twitter on Saturday, one day before Biden became an octogenarian. It’s not clear if Biden learned of the politically momentous decision to restore Trump’s Twitter account on Saturday night, when […]