BREAKING: Susan Rice Issues Disgusting Response To Federal Investigation

News recently broke that Susan Rice is going to appear before the Senate Intelligence Committee. This interview is an important step towards exposing the corruption that ran rampant during the Obama years.

New York Magazine recently sat down with Susan Rice to talk about how things have been going since leaving the White House. Once they got on the topic of the federal investigation, Rice said, “I leaked nothing, to nobody, and never have and never would,” and generally played the victim card as if she’s been unjustly targeted. 

She doesn’t want anyone to believe that there’s evidence suggesting  she was involved in an illegal “unmasking” operation, so now the FBI — under new leadership — is going to get to the bottom of it.

Allegedly, the evidence shows that Rice was involved in probing the intelligence community about redacted names of Americans in their reports. Coincidently, many of the blacked-out people she requests were in some way, shape, or form involved with Donald Trump. It is fairly obvious that they were looking for a way to blow a hole in the election.

Rice saying that she never leaked anything is easy to say, but the facts could prove otherwise. If there is evidence that she did something illegal, it deserves to be investigated and resolved.

If Rice is found guilty by the law, she will receive a sentence in accordance with it. It isn’t a complicated process. If Rice is so sure that she is innocent, the trial should be quick, and her innocence will be totally obvious.

Honestly, the entire interview was snarky. At one point in the NY Magazine article, the interviewer asked Rice when she thinks the targeting started. Rice retorts by asking what they think.

The interviewer, almost sheepishly, says that they think it started at Benghazi. Rice asks why her — why not anyone else who was involved in that situation? From this point, the interviewer makes one of the most absurd claims that we have heard in quite some time.

In the piece, the interviewer suggests that “Carney isn’t an African-American woman, of course.” We are not sure how race got pulled into this conversation, but they managed to pull it off.  Apparently, President Trump and the FBI are going after Susan Rice because she is a black woman, and not because she was involved in some very questionable behavior.

Once this investigation concludes we will likely have answers to some big questions that are worth exploring. How was Susan Rice involved in this unmasking process? Did the orders, as some speculate, come directly from President Obama? Was this all an attempt to make Trump look bad? Were there other laws broken in the process?

No matter what side of the political fence you are on, you should care about these questions. The jeopardy of our freedom and the values we hold dear are on the line. We will all find out more once Rice appears for questioning in front of the House Intelligence Committee next month.