BREAKING: St. Louis Rioters Use Horrifying New Weapon Against Police

Signing up to be a police officer is a dangerous job, but the last thing officers expect to face when signing up to protect their jurisdiction is to have chemicals thrown at them while trying to do their duty.

Unfortunately, that is exactly what is happening. St. Louis rioters have begun using chemical warfare/terrorist tactics, throwing bottles of dangerous chemicals at our police officers and causing burns, irritations, and other health complications that could arise in the future, according to KMOV.

Rioters in St. Louis have been resorting to instigating chemical attacks on police officers, with these attacks having been reported on every night of the riots so far. Although at the moment the health risk from the substances is still unknown, reports are indicating that the chemicals have a similar effect to pepper spray but smell like nail polish instead.

Following the acquittal of former St. Louis police officer Jason Stockley over the death of Anthony Smith–an African-American drug dealer–protests were planned by leftist groups as well as various Democrat organizations in an effort to cause a scene.

Despite the victim having been convicted of dealing marijuana and being out on parole, as well as having heroin in his car, the fact that the Left would go out of their way to defend this man is in itself deplorable.

However, the use of these terrorist tactics during the riots has marked a turning point in the severity of these events.

“Officers confiscate bottles with unknown chemicals used to against police tonight in downtown #stl” tweeted the St. Louis County Police Department. Currently, the precise contents of these chemicals are unknown, but these samples will hopefully give some indication of how to help treat the wounded.

The fire department ended up having to execute HazMat procedures to decontaminate officers who were hit and affected by these chemical attacks.

It wasn’t the first time that left-wing agitators used chemicals to attack law enforcement officials. At a Trump rally in Phoenix, homemade gas devices were used against police officers, and although such weapons weren’t reported at St. Louis, it goes to show just how resourceful these rioters can be when they feel the need.

Even worse, there have been indications that Democrats have been trying to incite anti-police sentiments in St. Louis after the result of the court hearing. The St. Louis Young Democrats, a group that works hand in hand with Black Lives Matter, tweeted a message about organizing the next protests that will take place on Wednesday.

The protests in St. Louis, Missouri, have turned violent, as many had expected. Are Black Lives Matter protesters purposely turning violent to attract attention?

Although they are only calling for “peaceful protests,” considering their relationship with the more extreme BLM faction, such protests are most likely to turn violent anyway–something that they surely know quite well.

As these rioters feel it’s more and more appropriate to use such weapons against our law enforcement, it serves as a clear warning about where this country may end up turning should this political divide continue to antagonize both sides. Soon, we may even see a situation where live firearms are used against our officers.