ALERT: Steve Harvey Risks His Career To Help Trump

Steve Harvey, the host of Family Feud and numerous other shows on television, received backlash when he met with then President-elect Trump. Now, he is doing something that many Democrats never believed he would do.

According to Breitbart, Steve Harvey will be meeting with Ben Carson on a HUD project that will bring big changes to the inner cities around the country. Carson and Harvey have been discussing how they can start “vision centers” around the country, starting in New York City. These vision centers will be used to teach STEM subjects, as well as computer programming, to children.

Harvey clarified in his interview with The Hollywood Reporter, “I’ve met with Dr. Carson, and we’re actually trying to get it started. We’ve had meetings, and now we’re just waiting on the final notes.”

This measure would be a major step in bringing positive changes to the inner cities, which have been plagued with drugs, violence, gang activity, and broken families for years. Harvey is standing up to help his community, regardless of what “Never-Trumpers” have to say about it.

“We have several teams in place. Hopefully before the year goes out, we’ll be making the announcement about the first vision center,” Harvey stated in his interview with THR.

When Harvey first met with the then President-elect in January, he faced fierce backlash. Harvey said that he needed to meet with the President, and it needed to be sincere.

During their initial meeting, the two talked about golfing before the subject became stern. Harvey told Trump that he was willing to help him with inner city housing projects. Interestingly, Harvey also admitted that he was pulling for Hillary, but he would still be more than willing to help Trump despite securing the nomination over Hillary.

This is what it looks like when someone wants to help their community, regardless of who wins the election. They may want it to go one way, but when it doesn’t, they still manage to pull for the greater good of the community. More Leftists should follow Harvey’s example.

During Harvey’s interview, he explained exactly how he opened President Trump’s eyes to his idea. Harvey told Trump that he had a lot of keys to the city that he could use to find out what these communities really need.

Steve Harvey getting involved in a Trump administration project. Will this hurt his career?

Harvey explained to Trump that a lot of inner city schools were closing down, so he discussed working with Ben Carson to put HUD money to good use by opening up vision centers within the inner cities.

He noted that within minutes of the conversation, the President had Carson on the phone and ready to talk. This is how the vision center plan evolved, and since then, they have brought these ideas forward to help turn them into a reality.

When asked in April how Harvey thought the President was doing, he stated, “As far as doing what he promised me he would, he is doing it.” This is the kind of civility and positivity needed to make America great again.