SHOCK: State Will Now Confiscate Your Kids If You Aren’t “Smart” Enough

Much of today’s society seems to applaud the statist behavior of the government. However, conservatives are against this type of behavior, particularly when the actions interfere with families.

In Oregon, two parents Amy Fabbrini, 31, and Eric Ziegler, 38, were forced to give up their kids, according to The Daily Mail. Right now, their children are in foster care because the State of Oregon has decided that they aren’t “smart” enough to have kids.

The state took two of their children–a son named Christopher and a newborn son named Hunter. Both children were taken by the state, with Hunter taken directly from the hospital just after birth.

At the time, Fabbrini was working a second job at a grocery store to help cover household bills. Ziegler is currently collecting Social Security benefits because of a mental health condition. However, none of these circumstances meet the criteria by which their children could be rendered to foster care.

Sherrene Hagenbach, a board member of Healthy Families of the High Desert, and advocate for the couple, made some remarks on the situation. Her argument is that the state lacks any grounds to take the children, and the fact that they removed the children is ultimately detrimental to the children and the family.

“They are saying that this foster care provider is better for the child because she can provide more financially, provide better education, things like that, ” Hagenbach stated.

She continued, “If we’re going to get on that train, Bill Gates should take my children. There’s always somebody better than us, so it’s a very dangerous position to be in.”

Hagenbach has a point. If the claim is that another party is more financially capable, this action could be applied to more families. The state could argue that any child is better off with a richer, more educated guardian of their choosing.

After an investigation, officials discovered that there were no signs of domestic abuse or neglect. The photos show a clean house, happy parents, and one happy child, since their second child never even made it home.

Fabbrini’s aunt, Lenora Turner, spoke about the situation. She doesn’t think what the state is doing is fair. Turner said, “I honestly don’t understand why they can’t have their children. I go to the grocery store, and I see other people with their children and they’re standing up in the grocery cart. I think, how come they get to keep their children?”

This move by Oregon has served to divide–and essentially destroy–a family. Do you believe Oregon officials had the right to place these children into foster care?

When there are no signs of abuse or neglect, the state should not be allowed to determine whether or not parents get to keep their children. An IQ test is not a fair–or valid–indicator of parental capabilities.

As long as Oregon keeps these laws in place, the state can force any Oregonian to take an IQ test as a prerequisite to maintaining custody of their children.