BREAKING: Shock State Prepares Illegal Order To Defeat Trump

The world is getting crazier by the day, and in certain parts of the United States, it seems that some politicians are losing whatever amount of common sense they had left.

A Maryland city is set to vote on allowing undocumented immigrants to cast ballots and vote in local elections. Councilwoman Christine Nagle, who sponsored the move, bizarrely argued that non-citizens have a right to vote because the outcomes of elections in their locales affect their lives, according to The Daily Wire.

In College Park, Maryland, the City Council and Mayor will be voting on Tuesday to open local elections to non-citizens of the United States. Disturbingly, this isn’t the first time something like this has happened. Non-citizens have had voting rights in Takoma Park, Maryland since 1991.

With Hyattsville and Mount Ranier, Maryland succumbing to this nonsensical policy in 2016, College Park is just another city following this bizarre trend.

What proponents of non-citizen voting need to remember is that casting your ballot is a constitutional right reserved for US citizens, not a privilege that can be chaotically legislated. Even then, there are restrictions on citizens’ voting rights. US citizens are actually not immediately guaranteed voting rights under the Constitution by virtue of birth right. Some groups, such as minors and those who have committed felonies, are not allowed to vote.

So why do some insist on bestowing the right to vote in our sovereign elections on non-citizens? An undocumented immigrant is, by definition, someone who has broken federal law in order to exist illegally in our country. If felons are not allowed to vote, then undocumented immigrants, who are felons by definition, shouldn’t be granted that privilege either.

Although in the minority, there are still groups that are standing against this nonsense. Help Save Maryland is one such organization. This group describes itself as “a grassroots organization dedicated to preserving Maryland’s counties, cities, and towns from the negative effects of illegal aliens,” according to their website.

In reality, Americans strongly reject the idea of letting undocumented immigrants vote. A Rasmussen poll done last year showed that 71% of US voters opposed such efforts, with just 19% in favor and only 10% undecided. These numbers have increased year after year, with more people disagreeing with the idea.

Undocumented immigrants, if given the right to vote, would more than likely vote Democrat. With over half of immigrant households on social welfare, and only one in 15 immigrants having the skills to enter the work force, many end up having to rely on these welfare policies.

A Maryland city is going to vote on allowing undocumented immigrants to cast ballots and vote in local elections. Do you think undocumented immigrants should be able to vote?

This means they would probably vote for the Democratic Party, as Republicans don’t approve of undocumented immigration and desire limited social welfare. Letting undocumented immigrants vote would end up changing the entire voting block of the country permanently, creating an indentured base that would forever vote liberal/progressive candidates into power.

In other words, conservatives would lose any chance of winning the White House again. That’s why this is such an important issue, and why Democrats so staunchly defend immigration, both legal and not.

Common sense is becoming less common by the day. Though these developments continue to unfold in the State of Maryland, the hope is that they will not spread elsewhere, lest they take root in other states and cities as well.