Have You Started Seeing Commercials About Jesus During NFL Games? Here’s Who’s Behind Them

Commercials and billboards have been popping up all over the place that have been putting Jesus in the spotlight.

There’s been a campaign going on since March that is simply being called, the “He Gets Us” campaign, according to Christianity Today.

A certain amount of mystery has surrounded who is funding the campaign.

Part of the reason for that is because there isn’t just one donor.

The campaign is made up of several anonymous families of means who specifically want to reach millennials and Gen Z.

The “He Gets Us” campaign has quite the budget. The anonymous families are joining forces under the general name of The Signatry, which is a Christian foundation based in Kansas.

Collectively, $100 million is being spent to fund the campaign, according to the Religions News Service.

In addition to the television commercials and billboards, the campaign is also using online ads to proclaim the message that Jesus Christ “gets us.”

This amount of money is along the same lines as what companies such as Old Navy, TD Ameritrade and Mercedes-Benz would spend to advertise their brand reported Christianity Today.

The campaign is being run via a marketing agency in the Michigan area called Haven. The general angle being used for each ad is one that is intended to help viewers see how Jesus’ earthly experience is very relevant to the very real struggles of today.

CBN’s Heather Sells has been following the campaign and reports that the campaign has the potential to spur a lot of conversation about Jesus.

Sellers noted that this was one of the intended goals of the campaign donors.

A second goal they had was to get people who are skeptical to think in a different way about who Jesus is.

“This group did three rounds of research, and they found that there is a lot of people who are skeptical, who don’t know a lot about Jesus, and this is interesting, a lot of them are actually decently positive about Jesus Himself, but negative about Christianity,” she said.

“They have seen it politicized, they have seen, just a lot of intermixing. if you will, of politics and Christianity and so they’re turned off by that.”

Sellers said she had the opportunity to interview Jason Vanderground with Haven, which is the marketing firm that has put the campaign together.

Vanderground told her the focus of the campaign donors was to increase respect for Jesus and the relevancy of Jesus.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.