JUST IN: US Spies Report Horrifying Item Inside N. Korea, Millions In Grave Danger

North Korea has been working hard to try and bring fear into countries around the world. During that time, it appears they developed something that could cause swift military action.

Originally reported by The Washington Post, North Korea has officially moved a step forward in their weapons development. A US intelligence report came to the conclusion that Pyongyang has, in fact, developed nuclear warheads that can be fitted inside their ICBM missiles. This issue is a serious threat.

President Trump spoke out about the sanctions against North Korea in the early hours Tuesday morning via his Twitter account. He put out a tweet stating, “After many years of failure, countries are coming together to finally address the dangers posed by North Korea. We must be tough & decisive.”

The president conveyed that we are aware of the serious problem looming in North Korea. Luckily, Americans are not the only ones aware of the issue and what is at stake.

This news came in not long after North Korea threatened the world with “physical harm” for imposing sanctions against them. The UN Security Council came to a unanimous agreement to cut all ties with the country, aimed at forcing them to stop working on weapons.

Two of their biggest suppliers, China and Russia, even agreed that it is time to halt the madness. They understand that the money is not worth the loss of life that would occur if North Korea were to fire a nuclear-tipped missile.

CNN reports that the intelligence community document reads, “The IC assesses North Korea has produced nuclear weapons for ballistic missile delivery, to include delivery by ICBM-class missiles.”

It is unknown whether or not the smaller-designed nuclear missiles have been tested, but the fact that they have missiles in their possession is more than alarming. The Defense Intelligence Agency is likely working hard to see what happens next.

North Korea has become more aggressive in their missile testing over the past couple of months. They have fired a total of 18 missiles during 12 separate tests since February, most of which were medium or short-range missiles. It is unknown whether they managed to perfect their technology through this number of tests.


Perhaps intentionally, one of their tests occurred on July 4th. This was the first intercontinental ballistic missile with which they experimented. During the testing, they boasted that it could reach “anywhere in the world.” The only questionable factor here is how much material was contained in the missiles that they’ve been launching.

A US intelligence report came to the conclusion that North Korea has developed nuclear warheads. Are we being tough enough against this dangerous rogue nation?

If there isn’t a sizeable payload in missile, it can travel further. If they wanted to inflict significant damage, they might not be able to install enough of the dangerous payload to make the missile travel all the way to the United States.

Now that the threat is looming over the US, South Korea, Japan, and the rest of the world looks on to see what will happen next. There is no official word yet on what Trump’s plans are for dealing with Kim Jong-un or North Korea.