BREAKING: Soros In Trouble After Bombshell Announcement

George Soros has been spreading his ideology of a borderless world filled with liberal policies to the far corners of the globe. He has been doing this for decades.

AFP is reporting that Soros is receiving some strong pushback from his own home country. Viktor Orban, Hungary’s prime minister has launched a campaign against Soros to reveal his corruption and political schemes.

Orban has been a staunch opponent of Soros, labeling him Hungary’s “public enemy” and actively seeking to limit his power. In 2015, he sent out a number of questionnaires to people asking their views on his immigration stance.

This year, six months before a general election, Orban constructed a number of anti-Soros billboards with Soros’ face asking for Hungarians to “not let Soros have the last laugh.” Residents were also asked for their advice on combating the UN’s immigration and border policies for Hungary that have seemingly been copied from Soros’ playbook.

Soros lashed back saying the billboards and the campaign were anti-Semitic. “I am distressed by the current Hungarian regime’s use of anti-Semitic imagery as part of its deliberate disinformation campaign. Equally, I am heartened that together with countless fellow citizens the leadership of the Hungarian Jewish community has spoken out against the campaign,” he said.

The Guardian reports that the Hungarian government has been emboldened by President Trump’s rise to power, believing he’ll be a strong ally in the anti-Soros efforts. According to Peter Kreko, senior associate of Political Capital Institute, a Soros-funded think tank, “As a consequence of the election of Donald Trump, Orban definitely feels that one of the only two international players – the US and EU – who care about NGO’s situation in Hungary is now on his side because Trump is a fierce opponent of George Soros.”

In January, Orban called for all non-government organizations to publicly list their finances to reveal the “paid political activists…attempting to promote foreign interests.” The measure attempted to limit the spread of liberalism and curb some of Soros’ influence in policies affecting Hungary.

Soros has long used his billions and political connections to influence numerous countries’ policies and spur the liberal agenda across the globe. NGOs funded by his empire have been the tools of his global campaign.

According to Reuters, Nikola Gruevski, former Nationalist Prime Minister of Macedonia, said Soros’ interference in their nation’s politics has caused chaos and forced his resignation. “Soros turned Macedonian NGOs into a modern army. They crush you. They make you a criminal, thief, traitor, idiot, a monster, whatever they want. Then you have to go to elections. He doesn’t only do that in Macedonia but in a great number of countries,” Gruevski said.

Liviu Dragnea, a top Social Democrat leader in Romania said Soros and “the foundations and structures that he has funded since 1990 have financed evil in Romania.”

Soros supporters believe his backing of liberal parties is in the best interest of the people, even though it results in elections becoming more manufactured and one-sided. According to Maria Vasarhelyi, a political opponent of Orban, “The fact that NGOs are called the enemy of the government shows these are no longer democracies.”

Szilard Nemeth, a leader in the Fidesz Party that Orban belongs to, clarifies that it’s false NGOs that are being targeted. “Fake NGOs of the Soros empire are sustained to suppress national governments in favor of global capital and the world of political correctness,” Nemeth contends.

Considering the number of smaller countries that have been shaped by Soros, it’s high time countries begin rising up to stop his meddling in domestic politics. Hopefully, the anti-Soros campaign in Hungary will see some traction and Soros’s liberal agendas will be curbed.