BREAKING: Soros Move Backfires, Dems Hate This

A new research study was funded by Democrat billionaire George Soros. The name of the study is “White Working-Class Views on Belonging, Change, Identity, and Immigration.”

Three researchers from three different universities went to Birmingham, Alabama, Dayton, Ohio, Tacoma, Washington, Phoenix, Arizona, and the New York City borough of Brooklyn. They discovered that white working-class voters are far from racist, as the media portrays. Instead, they were just tired of a broken system, and President Trump presented a real option of change, according to The Daily Caller.

Many of the people who took part in this study considered Trump to be someone who is “strong” and “hardworking.” This played a pivotal role in getting votes.

The president helped Americans channel that inner anti-establishment rage that many people feel. Folks wanted something different — something meaningful.

The research confirmed, “In many ways, Trump was the hope and change candidate in 2016, as Obama had been in 2008, albeit representing different constituencies.”

According to the study, there are many people who said that they are a fan of how open the president is, though they did not agree with everything that he said. One interviewee from Birmingham said, “He’s honest for the most part… isn’t afraid to say anything and that’s the first time in my lifetime I have seen a politician say, ‘you know what, I don’t care. I’m going to say it.’”

Besides the president’s ways of speaking, there are plenty of other reasons, the study revealed, why white working-class voters picked Trump to represent our country. Among these other reasons include Trump’s strong stance on illegal immigration, and his promise to get jobs back to the US.

When Trump said that he wanted to leave the North American Free Trade Agreement, the people loved the idea. As it turns out, this is because they believe that the NAFTA is responsible for job loss, particularly from factories, across the country.

The study also showed that working-class white voters couldn’t stand Hillary Clinton. They see her as someone who is “very much outside a core set of working-class values.”

Soros funded study finds white working-class voters are far from racist, as the media portrays. Does the media misunderstand Trump supporters?

It is noted in the study that, “Typically, the views expressed about her focused on being untrustworthy and dishonest, as well as accumulating a fortune from not working hard.”

Finally, the study showed that the people surveyed think that the mere idea of white privilege is a joke, and honestly see the politically correct atmosphere as being harmful. When asked about PC culture and the president, they said, “We can’t even say what we feel.” The Tacoma interviewee confirmed that his vote went to Trump because “he’s actually saying this stuff that many people across America are thinking.”

On the topic of white privilege, the study confirmed that participants were working two or three jobs just to put and keep food on the table. This led them to believe that, “Their limited economic means and lack of upward mobility did not seem like white privilege.”