BREAKING: Soros’s Massive Fraud Uncovered

Billionaire George Soros has been a champion for the Left in his funding of leftist organizations, supporting socialism, and opposing capitalism.

The Daily Caller’s Investigative Group studied Soros’s financial holdings and determined what he says in public is hypocritical when compared to his financial holdings. It was discovered he has investments in firearms, fossil fuels, fast-food chains, and a number of pro-capitalist companies.

His most recent quarterly submission to the Securities and Exchange Commission revealed that the pro-socialist had many holdings tied up in capitalist ventures. The report showed Soros Fund Management has invested in companies that are widely opposed by liberal activists, his supposed allies, and supporters.

Mathew Vadum, senior vice president of Capital Research Center, a nonprofit that investigates where various organizations receive their funds, pointed out the hypocrisy: “Soros is a socialist in ideology, but a capitalist in methodology. So, George Soros is a bundle of contradictions.”

His quarterly reports revealed several large investments in left-wing companies and organizations that likely help him keep face with Democrats, but many of his holdings are also in capitalist companies.

One example is his energy and environmental investments. $26.5 million dollars were put towards the Climate Policy Initiative, a nonprofit out of San Francisco that seeks to limit the impact we have on climate change.

Yet other investments, such as $4.4 million in Peabody Energy, the largest privately-owned coal company, and tens of millions in various companies that work in oil and natural gas, are a part of the climate change liberals worry about. Soros even invested in San Leon Energy, an oil and gas company operating in Morocco despite violating Security Council demand for withdrawal back in 1975, making the company’s operations in the country illegal.

Soros also has roughly $1 million invested in Cabelas, one of the US’s largest suppliers of hunting equipment.

What would really shock his leftist supporters is his massive holdings in fast-food organizations, despite the Left’s controversy surrounding minimum wage and the allegations of their contributions to the nation’s obesity.

Soros has $317 million invested in Left-condemned food companies such as Mondelez, which sells Oreos, Kraft-Heinz with its junk food brands like Kool-AID and Pringles, and various fast-food chains like Wendy’s, Papa John’s, and Buffalo Wild Wings. He also has $14.4 million invested in Monsanto, a world leader in the use of genetically modified foods.

Soros’s investments would fly in the face of a massive number of left-wing agendas such as those found on Wikipedia. Gun control, climate change, limiting carbon emissions, boycotting fast-food chains who refuse to increase minimum wage, and many, many other issues that Soros claims to be supporting are in his investment portfolio. It’s pure irony that he is only able to fund those causes with money obtained through the very institutions he claims to despise.

Vadum put it best when he criticized the hypocrisy saying, “This is a man who hates freedom, hates markets and yet is brilliant and almost unparalleled in his grasp of how markets work.”

The contradiction in George Soros’s financial holdings and his public activism shows the true nature of the fake socialist billionaire. He receives good wishes and praise from unwitting liberals who fail to recognize the champion for their causes is, in actuality, fueling the very companies and organizations they despise.

It would seem Soros publicly promotes a socialist agenda, but secretly recognizes the value of capitalism when it comes to his bottom line.