BREAKING: Soros’ Dirty Secret Exposed, He Wants This Hidden

George Soros is often seen by conservatives as the Left’s great puppet master. The Hungarian billionaire not only funds radical groups like Black Lives Matter, but he also has a history of funding actual terrorists.

According to The Daily Caller, the Middle East Forum has uncovered the fact that Soros-linked organizations have funneled cash into the coffers of Islamist front organizations like Islamic Relief Worldwide.

The IRW has been banned in several countries because they donate large sums to Hamas, the Palestinian terror group that controls Gaza.

Since 2008, organizations like the GE Foundation, the Silicon Valley Community Foundation, and the infamous Open Society Foundation have given approximately $5.8 million to various charities linked with Islamic terror groups.

A short list of these charities includes: the Muslim America Society (MAS), Islamic Relief USA, the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), and the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR).

CAIR and the ISNA both have links to Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas in Gaza. As far back as the 1980s, ISNA has been funneling money to jihadis in the Middle East and terror cells in the West.

Making all this information all the more disturbing is the fact that Mr. Soros recently dumped $18 billion into the OSF. Thanks to this money, not only are Islamist-linked charities able to give cash to extremists, but European relief agencies will continue to pay off human smugglers in North Africa in order to import millions of “refugees” into Europe.

On the political front, the OSF has been caught funneling money into anti-populist candidates in Europe in order to keep the continent’s borders open. Leaked emails also show that Soros’ organizations tried to do the same thing during the 2016 election in America.

Taken together, the coordination between global finance and Islamic extremism makes sense if the goal is to destabilize Europe. French author Michel Houellebecq’s satirical novel Submission is about a dystopian future wherein a socialist-Islamist alliance takes power in France. In order to survive in the new country, native-born French citizens convert to Islam.

In Sweden and Germany, Muslim political parties have already been born and have already been taken over by radicals.

Also, Houellebecq’s dystopian vision could come true in thirty-nine years, when demographic projections show that France will become a Muslim majority nation.

As for Soros and other globalists, one writer believes that the goal is to transform Europe and America into a giant plantation where a polyglot people work for them. This could be conspiracy talk, but the alternative means that either Soros and his ilk do what they do out of hatred.

Or, conversely, there could be no real plan at all.

Should George Soros go to prison for this?

Whatever the case, there is now proof that the great liberal “puppet master” has blood on his hands. The recipients of his money have not only launched rocket attacks against Israel and have killed Egyptian soldiers in the Sinai, but many have given succor and shelter to homegrown terrorists in Europe and North America.

These crimes alone are worthy of a full investigation. Will President Trump respond?